Brothers in Arms Screenshots and Media section

(Marcomi X) #62

Well…try and press Shift+F12 when in-game…
If everything is installed correctly, something should appear on the upper left section of the screen when you launch the game.

(andwhatmang) #63

Oh, ok thank you for the help. It works now.

(andwhatmang) #64

It doesn’t look like what the preset looks like on your screen shots ;/
Sorry if I come off naggy.

I just really love that you did to the game.I want it to look like it.

(Marcomi X) #65

Maybe you are using a different version of ENB
However, I lowered the brightness and increased the contrast

(brunotomazeli) #66

I wanted to edit my maps with the characters from earned in blood on road to hill 30, could you send me the folder with all the settings ready? Greatful.

(Is this thing on?) #67

Just a heads-up that the person you’re asking hasn’t been seen on the forums for 9 months (click on their avatar to view their user card and profile), and you’re resurrecting a 2-year old thread. So don’t be surprised if you don’t get a response. You could try sending them a PM (use the Message option on their user card or profile) if you don’t see anything in a couple of days.