Brothers in Arms..what happened?

Isn’t this game at least worthy of a remaster if not a new game?? The gameplay is second to none. Come on, Gearbox!!!

A new and authentic Brothers in Arms was announced in 2015. During the past E3 Randy Pitchford took pride in confirming that the project is still standing, only this time it will be without the publishing of Ubisoft.

Possibly being developed by Gearbox Quebec, but that has not been confirmed.

Given the photo posted of the scene inside Gearbox QC with the WW2 helmet on the desk…

Now I have to go back and listen to that RP E3 interview. Hmm… RP: Role Play or Randy Pitchford? Role Pitchford or… not going there. Nope. Nope. NOPE.

Well, I have high hope that the new Brothers in Arms is coming out with the final chapter of Baker and his squad. Just give it times mate.

Also, if you’re thinking of a reboot…

Are you out of your freaking mind? Why the hell would there be a bloody reboot?! I love the original story and Gearbox are not leaving their office until they finished the freaking story. Since they called themselves “The Master of Storytelling”, why not test it?