Brothers in Arms Wiki Recruitment

Hello, my username is Yaujj75 and I am the admin of the BiA Wiki where all the information is added into the wiki.

Before I came to the wiki, it was in a stable state but it become abandoned by the admin in 2017 and neglected over the years. After I took over the wiki, I managed to radically change the wiki with proper format for the chapter pages, better templates and even got a Wiki Manager I requested which helped me a lot.

Despite the goods of the wiki, it still in need improvement on some sections like the mobile games section, the ported games, etc. I have a lot in my mind but I can’t do it alone.

That’s why I post this message to this forum hoping someone would read this and go to the Wiki and help editing. It lack a stable manpower and require BiA fans to help the wiki out. If you do decide to edit the wiki, go to my message wall and introduce yourself but you do it after your first edit.

Anyone is welcomed but if you only come to the wiki to make trouble, I have a VSTF friend that will help me and even without him, I still have the power to block you.

Regardless, I hope you come to the wiki and help to contribute.

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I’m down even tho I am already helping you lol. Still working on the comic

Didn’t know you are here.