Browsing "" is like putting salt in my eyes

I like the aesthetic and all. But man its really hard to find what I am looking for.

What you are looking for?

Just needed to redeem some codes and look at skill trees. Got bombarded with News and Visual Content.

You can always make shortcuts to content you need. Just don’t use main page :slight_smile:

For those, start here and select the character you want:

I also find the massive autoplay video on the home page uncomfortable; fortunately there are ways around it!

The other thing is the site’s reluctance to display correctly when you zoom content.
At 61 I still pretend I don’t need glasses, and most of the time I can get away with that on the web by hitting ‘+’ a coupla times to zoom a page in. On the BL site zooming in often makes some of the graphic content simply disappear.
So I zoom back in and squint…



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