Brutal Night for BB Servers

@JoeKGBX: A really, REALLY bad night with server issues.

  • First match, two red bar and one yellow bar - and I’ve rarely ever seen more than one yellow bar before
  • Second match (Capture) the game freezes with a “buzz” in the audio. I had to force the game to quit and come back in, by which time all three points are bot controlled because FOUR of the team (including myself ) had been DC’d simultaneously
  • Final match, @UnrealXistenz (who I was partied with) got DC’d right at the very end. The game then hung before the “Victory” screen with this little gem:

Fortunately, the data was actually logged…


That Capture match where all 4 teammates dropped… every second till you guys rejoined felt like a nightmare!
Enjoyed playing with you though, let’s hope next time is less buggy!


Many disconnects and issues on PC too yesterday. Also got that error screen once and had to Alt+F4 out of the game and restart it.

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It timed out eventually, but then I was not logged in to any more. It briefly showed me having 1 weekly quest to do, before I finally backed out and in again.

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I’ve been kicked at the very end of incurstion’s on PS4 as well. Not too fun to waste half an hour for no payoff.

Rip servers I guess?

I’ve been experiencing the same thing. Whole team got kicked in bots except for an AFK guy, but I joined right back in and finished the match by myself after AFK dude got kicked.

Another bad evening @JoeKGBX - three consecutive timeouts while trying to connect to a game server in less than five minutes, between 7:30 and 7:40 pm eastern. Gave up after that. Very discouraging.

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Passing this on to the team for investigation. Thanks everyone!


Joe, can you clarify what time of day the daily quest update rolls out to the servers? Is it in the 7 - 8 pm eastern window by any chance?

Correct. 7pm CST / 0000 GMT.