Brute_912's PVE moments

(Brute 912) #1

A bit late but here are a few moments during my Birthday on September 12, 2018. I thought it was a good idea to celebrate it in the world of Battleborn with friends.

Part 1 of my Birthday:

Part 2 of my Birthday:

(Brute 912) #2

Phoebe versus Arachnis in the Battle School.

(Brute 912) #3

Oscar Mike and his Battle buddies in the Thrall Rebellion.

(Brute 912) #4

Toby in The Renegade.

(Brute 912) #5

Galilea vs Sister Aria (with 100 ops points).

(Brute 912) #6

Rath vs The Battle School V1.

(Brute 912) #7

Whiskey Foxtrot in Toby’s Friendship Raid.