Brutes in Campaign Are Too Strong

Whenever I’m in advance campaign and run across a brute, they are unstoppable. Especially in a group. For example; I was playing The Renegade on advance and at there is a group of six brutes waiting on the second point you have to defend. I think “no big deal, there’s only six of them and we have a decent team.” A minute later the whole team went down to the health melting fire of laser machine guns, and whenever someone was revive they were immediately killed by their lobbed grenade. Also Heliophage is near impossible when Rendain calls 2 to 3 brutes per island the melt your health faster than scaven, and can shoot you from all the way across the map. I have suspicion that they buffed brutes so that:
a) it is harder to solo a double thrall mercenary camp and
b) they are a bigger threat when they come charging towards your sentry
I also believe that this had some unsuspected effects when their damage is multiplied to do more damage than any boss in the game (when in a group, which is very often). I want to bring this to public attention to see if anyone else has been having the same issue or that I just suck that hard.


I’ve never had difficulties, still don’t. Shoot the legs for easy melty headshots. Only melee characters should have any difficulty.

Given the fact that Thrall Brutes appearing in the campaign and those from PvP maps are 2 different program objects (different in name, skills and AI :wink:), I think it’s highly unlikely that any balancing change for PvP would affect PvE enemies.

Not that there’s something wrong with your assessment on them being tough enemies in Advanced.
But it’s been my observation, that this ties directly to their original strengths:

  • The have shields, so you can’t just mow them down with auto atttack body shots. Going for crits is the only real fast way to deal with them using ANY single-target attack (can be a pain for melee when everything gets hectic). /Edit: As @XSoldat13 suggested, getting them to flinch (shoot their legs or hit them with enough kinetic force, e.g. direct grenade hit or Attikus’ Charged Hook) will allow some easy crits :wink:

  • They have ranged fire capabilities on par with (or even better? idk the exact numbers) their Gunner equivalent, so they can do a decent amount of damage on mid range. (Again, bad for melee chars, unless you flank them.)

  • They also have those Grenades. While not as devastating as those from the Elite-Bots, they can still cause a group wipe. This is perhaps the deadliest thing about them, on Advanced the AI is surprisingly good at using grenades. Or to put it better, they really punish you for positioning errors :unamused:

As to how to deal with them, that heavily depends on the scenario.

If there are just a few of them in total and the environment offers enough tactical cover, you treat them like ‘popcorn’ enemies - taking them down as you move forward, without any special strategy or anything. This is also true,when you have to prioritize killing bigger threats over them.

If they are bunched up in one place, you might want to nuke them right where they stand. AoE damage is a good way to get rid of them, especially when you catch them at a spawn. DoT effects are also helpful, as you don’t need a hit for every tick. Having melee players (or Skirmishers/Assassins) ready to flank them for a clean-up sweep doesn’t hurt though.

As for the Heliophage Boss Fight, I believe the best way to deal with the Brutes on the other Islands is to snipe them. Ranged chars don’t necessarily have to enter their grenade lobbing radius and even melees would have to aim for crits.

I for one only did Heliophage Advanced solo (with Galilea, I just blocked most of the ranged fire while kiting enemies into Desecrate), so no personal experience with team setups. But I guess, any long-range damage could help, all in all it’s more a question of coordination to have someone focus the adds at the right time.

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Good replies from others. I’ll add my 2c.

First, as noted previously, DO NOT attempt to just shoot them in the gut. You’re wasting bullets (or swings) on that shield. Takes a long time to pop it off. Hit anything exposed - could be their gun arm, could be a leg, ideally it’s their big horned head for a crit. If you’re just getting beaten down, FALL BACK. Don’t try to fight them heads-up.

Also, CC works on Brutes. If you’re in a raid, and you aren’t trying to save your CC abilities for a boss, CC the heck out of the Brutes. It’ll crumple them to their knees for some easy head hits. This is especially vital for melee fighters.

For PvP matches, engage Brutes with backup. Don’t just go trying to beat down a merc camp by your lonesome. Even if you do manage to take out the Brute(s) that are there, any canny opponent will see your icon in the camp, wait for the Brutes to weaken you, then roll up on you for a super easy kill. Bring friends and watch your mini-map. Bear in mind, for all that Brutes can beat down your creeps, the creeps also draw their fire allowing you unfettered access to their vulnerable spots (bear in mind Brutes have a crit spot roughly between their shoulder blades, it’s much easier to hit than the head if you’re behind one).

So, TL;DR version:

  • Don’t hit the shield
  • Use CC
  • Engage in groups
  • Also bear in mind OHM still pushes them back, just not much

Best of luck, kick some Thrall arse!


Those sword bots are worse.

If all these tips dont help then it might be possible that Advance is a bit too much for you right now. I dont mean to imply it’s just you though or anything, your team could have been meh >__> The Renegade is one of the easier levels, if you can get past your Brute issues you might be fine.

Yes, Renegade is easier than say The Saboteur but it requires good positioning, otherwise it gets a bit overwhelming. Having someone (competent) on the roof to deal with the spawns there is what allows other players in your party to fight the main spawns outside the building.

MX.Ronin? Agreed :slight_smile:


I honestly disagree. At least the Ronin Bots don’t have damage nullifying shields and grenades.
They’re 2nd in my top 4 least favorite BB enemies:
4: Varelsi Walkers (Mini conservators). Stop making yourself immune. You’re wasting time.
3: Varelsi Scaven. God…
2: Ronin Bots (Sword Bots). Long range slow attacks + High mobility + Considerable shield strength = Welcome To Pain.
1: Thrall Brutes. Stop with the grenades… Please.

The only thing that I hate is in Advanced there is never just one. There are always 2 to 3 and that is soloing, the more people in the mix the more there are. The Heliophage in perticuler is just a huge mess when Rindan brings down the Ancors and there are now 8 Bruts all in the middle platform preventing anyone from going anywhere if you die and respawn. Might aswell be playing hardcore at that point :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not so bothered about the Sword and Shield Thrall, it’s the ones that throw H-BOMBS at you :rage:

They need to be toned down a bit. Often they one shot you which is insane. If they did maybe 500 damage, i’d except that. In a big fight, what with all the graphic effects bombing off, it gets very hard to see what’s going on, and if the grenadiers appear and you can’t see them…good bye. Moreover, trying to Res players in Advanced means you get it too…