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GT: BIO 2009 Hard

Best time to catch me on XBL is from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm E.S.T.

… MAX Stat Charts … … Gun Prefixes … … Parts Guide

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Im looking for a set of Flying Sand Hawks at level 72 and at 61, do you have any?

Yes Sir I have ALL DAHL Sand Hawks at level 61, 72 and OP levels.

I am looking for a few level 72 weapons wondering if you could help me out what i need is

  1. any element norfleet (collection gun)
  2. Practicable Interfacer (fire)
  3. Rightsizing Bit*h non-elemental

Have all sorts of things to trade if needed.

do you want anything for them?

I can help you out. I’m usually on in the mornings at around 10:00 am E.S.T.

Sounds good thanks a lot. shoot me a message next time your on. GT: UxorialAnimal98 am still on a lot of the time.

do you have a level 72 shock prudential norfleet?

Yes I have a level 72 Shock Prudential Norfleet.

GT: TOX1CxYOLOSWAGR do you want something for it?

No it’s cool.

I have a quite long list of requests. I will check if I have something you want or don’t have. Here’s the list (all OP8):

  • Blood of the Ancients Health +62.0%, Launcher +85.0%, Shotgun +85.0%
  • all three bones of the ancients
  • Stockpile relic - Launcher +85%, Shotgun +85%, Sniper +85%
  • Grounded Love Thumper
  • Practicible Slow Hand shock
  • Longbow Quasar/Storm Front/Slag Singularity/Slag Transfusion


Hi, I am looking for the kawaii killer head for maya… One small problem though I’m on bl2 vita. Is that still ok?
Thanks if you can!

360 players cant trade with PS vita players. Or any other platform for that matter.

Glad I found you on here. I preferred the old forum.

Sent you pm on old forum as I am looking for a class mod as close to this as possible on level 55 still

+132641 Max Health, 3481.8 Health Regeneration

Thanks for all your help so far.

I’m pretty sure I have one at level 55. But those Stats are for a level 72 NOT 55.

Yeah I guessed they might be 72 stats, just trying to get as close as poss :wink:

At level 50 the Max Stats are +9015 Health and +236.6 Regen. So 55 will be a little higher but nowhere near the lvl 72 you quoted.
If you’re okay with these Stats, what Prefix would you like?

at the moment I have contemp survivor 8149 254.7

my protection relic is still level 48 +23.4 shield and recharge so really I need to improve those as much as I can with level 55 or 56 ones please.

I was bleeding money respawning in UVHM getting to sanctuary which I have just done.

Have level 56 ready for you. Message me on XBL.