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GT: BIO 2009 Hard

Best time to catch me on XBL is from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm E.S.T.

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Bump it up.

Do you have extras of an 3ddi.3 or the lvl 60 Celestial Enforcer? I honestly don’t have much to trade besides a few lvl 60 legendaries that I’m pretty sure you already have unfortunately. Just looking to see if you could help a fellow gamer out, thanks!

Yes I have extras for you of the EVH and the Celestial Enforcer… Tomorrow I’ll be on after “Handsome Jack” is installed on my XBOX One. Let me know if your going to be on the Xbox 360 or Xbox ONE. Cheers.

Thank you kind sir! I shall be on the 360 basically all day! GT: ii No Beasty

You’re welcome.

I would love a few of the Wilhelm heads! I am missing a few, and can’t find them anywhere. I have some 70 legendary grenades to trade! Gt is FooFargles

Let me know which Heads you need.

Shock Trooper, Admiral, Void Rocker, Lunar Knight

Okay message me tomorrow morning.

lvl 70 Glitched Casual Ravager with error code : 04L4M4A4?

For ? What would you like?

That was what I wanted. What would you want in return?

I have one for you. Message me on XBL.

Any revolutions at lvl 70?

Yes. Which element?

Shock or cryo would be preferable

Okay. Message me tomorrow morning on XBL.

I don’t suppose you happen to have the Naught shield with the 7722 recharge rate

I have these three Naught Shields.