BTW you still haven't fixed the Footsteps of Giants quest

honestly you guys are looking like anthem.


In what way? I’m curious because one game is a live service game, that since launch has been criticised because the game was barely a game at all and still pretty much isn’t, on top of that the egregious microtransactions all over the place, combined with a game engine not suited to it’s genre, etc.

The other game is not a live service game, shipped as a complete game (in that there is a full story available plus side missions), no microtransactions at the moment and reportedly only cosmetic ones coming. The engine is fine (while i’ll admit it needs a patch to make it smoother), and the gameplay works.

So please, tell me how this is like Anthem?

that thread title alone warrants for a special patch only for you.

If you paid attention, pretty sure you didn’t, Loot nerfs, Nerfs to weapons, unpolished gameplay. BUGS and glitches- guess you don’t see those too? And finally prioritizing loot mechanics before polishing the decency of the game. You clearly don’t see it.

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How is BL3 anything like Anthem, a game advertised as a looter shooter when it is BARELY that its entire life since release? Please, take your time, I can’t WAIT to see the AMAZING response. /s

I’ve no patience for this right now.

Side Note: Don’t even dare come to me about bugs and the like. WE KNOW. REPORTS ARE COUNTLESS. At least the game feels complete, unlike EA’s pathetic attempt at the genre. Even DESTINY is better than Anthem.

Quest is still bugged for me. Tried everything possible to fix with no luck. Hard resetting console, restarting game, re-installing the game and deleting local save files, and trying to join other people’s games (tried for 2 hours and could not get matched with anyone on the same quest).

So, I’m stuck waiting for Gearbox to fix this issue for real (no idea how long that may take), or hopefully in a week or so when some of my friends catch up to me in the story I can tag along with them on that quest, which hopefully will not bug out for them.

I wish I knew exactly how I bugged it out so I could prevent my friends from doing the same thing. I’ve read conflicting things over the various threads about what causes it.