Bucket list accomplishments

Beating dexiduous, hyperius, getting that legendary yoive been wanting for a long time. I recently beat dexiduous after about thirty minutes of sitting under the lodge in hunters grotto, it wasnt the most exciting battle scene ever but it worked, anyway i was wondering what bucket list acconplisments you guys have accomplished in borderlands 2

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Yet to accomplish: grabbing the last of the game’s loot that I have not yet seen drop and held in my hands: Bekah, Wanderlust, Godfinger, and Little Evie.

Little Evie probably won’t be too hard to eventually get, relatively speaking. It’s just that I haven’t felt like bothering with it yet. :wink: The other three are 2nd-set pearls that I just haven’t been lucky enough to have drop yet in all my tubby hunting (I did have a Carnage drop, so I was able to cross that one off.)

Soloing all the raids was a big bucket list item that I once thought I would never be able to accomplish (Vora, and the Dragons, made me nervous and I was always afraid to attempt those two, heh.)

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