Buff bosses, this is way to easy!

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bosses are so easy to kill, i dont get this. The whole game is way to easy! Remembering all the complaints, when Killavolt was hard to defeat, i mean i really enjoy elaborating strategies for bosses, but all you have to do here is to facteank stuff. One shotting bosses or even taking them down in 20 seconds is so casual…its boring. Does a game in 2019 have to be this way?

The bosses we have now are basically pez dispensers for legendary items. Nothing abnormal there, it’s a standard feature of Borderlands games. Rudimentary bosses that are designed to be used by people to get their initial gear.

It’s crazy how many people simply assume that it’s too easy ‘because casual’. That’s not it at all. These are just the loot piñatas powering the initial gearing-up phase of the endgame gameplay loop.

The unusual part is that BL3 launched without a raid boss which are usually the things that give more of a challenge. We’ll have to wait and see what they roll out in that regard.

You are partially wrong. Some builds can be a bit OP atm yes, but this is how endgame is supposed to be. Otherwise all the farming and gridning feels usless, if you dont get to be just a bit OP for all the hours you put into the game.
This is why content is important, it’s up to developers to provide players with more challenging ways to play.
I hope they provide us with a better system then this modifiers we have which i give 2/10 rating.
Maybe some new better unique items available in harder diffuclty/maps.


Sure. But remember people complaining about mayham 3 modifiers are too random and they cant prepare their builds for encounters, instead of finding clues to bypass difficulty through skill.

Mayhem 3 modifier are just plain annoying actually. Not that they are hard, but either you get the right one for your build, have a few spare weapon to manage anyways, or just need to reboot the map to avoid getting your DPS nerfed by 70%.

On the opposite end, they make the game way too easy by sometimes distributing bonus.

As for boss, I totally agree with you, they’re ridiculously easy. People just don’t want to learn. The only think that’d deserved a nerf would be annointed as some of their mechanic are plain annoying (Hello damn militants)

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Yea getting into a map with 3 or more baddass mobs with bazooka when modifier with
2 extra projectile, 50 % more accuracy on mobs, 45 % more hp sheilds and armor is just how endgame is supposed to be ?
Get real man. To survive that you need a certian class with certain build, it’s not a matter of skill.
If you what you are saying is real, please provide us with video of you playing with that modifier and we will learn from you, a pro player.

So people are complaining about Mayhem modifiers. Of course they are. Relying on FOMO is a standard industry practice so people just don’t like the idea that they can solve their issues by turning it off because then they might miss out on loot because they don’t get the higher drop rates.

Through difficulty and skill though? No. It’s just the application of DPS from something that’s not hamstrung by the modifiers. There’s gear to suit every situation. Again, this is Borderlands, that’s how it works.

Borderlands, for the most part, is built for casual players. It’s not a live-service game dependent on holding players for aeons and selling them microtransactions. You come, you play the game, you farm your gear. When it gets boring you go play something else until the next DLC comes out. Rinse/Repeat.

I realise that’s unusual these days but it is what it is.

Never said that. Im dying often to my noobish gaming so lets get this outta the way. What i was trying to say is, lets remember hector, it took me couple of hours to kill him on uvhm, it was frustrating, but i got better on him.

Let’s also not forget the fact that this game release was rushed.
The state of game atm feels like we are playing open beta version. Sure every patch brings us closer to a stable and fun/interesting game without the annoying bugs and glithces.
But that’s how most of games are these days. The game is still fun, but annoying to play sometimes.

If you like the challenge then rool modifiers untill you get the most challenging ones. The problems is that can be almost impossible to enjoy with the bad combination.
And can be changed in few seconds which is wrong.
Diablo 3 has the 9/10 difficulty and progression system.
BL3 needs something similar, but that requires a lot of work and money.

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I have to say, Hector wasn’t particularly challenging for me personally. That aside, he’s in the final DLC, not the original Borderlands 2.

Not one boss in the original Borderlands 2 release was difficult to kill once you got the right gear. Not one. Terramorphous the Invincible, the first of the raid bosses, wasn’t that hard either. The only fight with any real challenge for a geared player was Vermivorous.

So if Borderlands 2 is the example we’re following, my first reply pretty much passed on the message.

That aside, A lot of the boss fights in BL3 are only “easy” because it’s easy to hammer a boss so hard that you can short-circuit fight stages or attack patterns or some other aspect of gear out there makes it a pushover. I worked that out real early on because I’ve played them all from BL1 to TPS with all the DLC.

New players don’t realise that Killovolt is resistant to shock so use Rad instead, the second best damage type for that job. On top of that, if you have a Transformer on all his electric attacks heal you.

So they hammer on him with Shock because shock beats shields in a rock/paper/scissors way. They get smashed because Killovolt is also using shock which just annihilates their shields. So it takes forever and they die a lot for no other reason than they’re new to the game.

But for you and I Killovolt is a quick and easy kill.

If you want Borderlands 3 to last long enough to get to the difficulty you want it to get to then new fans, casuals and hardcore alike, need to be created. That won’t happen by hammering them into oblivion.

We only have story bosses … they always have been easy.
You can’t compare story bosses to raid bosses (BL2).


Circle of slaughter is your challenge

Dont like the mechanics. Besides with moze you just nade stuff away. No challenge.

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Sucks for you then, but the bosses are still story bosses, the game just came out.

BL2 wasn’t any better when they released it, it just had a raid boss and tbh I hated it, because that way I had to play with other people to get loot from that boss and I had no friends playing the game, so they would have ninja looted everything, also playing with other people didn’t make it hart to kill the boss.

I find myself wondering why you don’t like them, they aren’t my favourite either.

Cistern and SlaughterStar are ok but the rewards are mostly cosmetics. There’s only a couple of legendary items on offer per run. Slaughterstar gets some difficulty in waves 4 and 5 by throwing bullet sponges at you but Cistern is pretty easy.

Slaughter shaft though is just badly designed, cheeze-filled rubbish (which I can beat easily, I’m not just having a bout of nerd rage because I can’t get the ubers! :wink: ) All it does is spam players with AoE damage and a bunch of shotgun blasts, fills your screen with sparkles while you’re in FFYL to stop you getting out of it in any fair way and then just crosses it’s fingers and hopes for the best.

I don’t blame any Nader Moze for fighting cheeze with cheeze.

Good thing loot issue is fixed with this patch.
Now all will be able to enjoy raids. Even you.

True, just saying that I hated how they handled it in BL2. But now they just “forgot” to add a raid boss.

But even then, people would find ways to oneshot the raid boss with a specific build/item combo and then what? Boss still easy? Because that is how BL2 works today.

To be honest, i was just stating certain stuff to be too easy. I very much enjoyed the stories, the side quests in particular, in this game i feel the journey is the purpose.

All games are usually easy, if they have local save. Because its easy to trick/edit the save and the game.
If it didn’t have that then finding glicthes and exploits would be harder.
The game is out for a month and there are tons of exploits arlreay, way too many there should be.

Abusing exploits is insane, because it ruins your fun. Me and a friend of mine were talking about gaming in the 90 ies and we came to the conclusion, that the way people play games today, especially on the internet is bad, because we are consuming stuff way to fast. Its mostly all about rushing, itemgreed and endgame.