Buff cool mechanics that are strictly worse than counterparts with less player interaction

1.All weapons with interesting splash mechanics

non direct hit splash cant crit. These things need help desperately. Im talking massive damage increases to compensate for the lack of crit - includes but not limited to:

The ASMD orb/projectile interaction. Does less damage than just shooting the beam at heads. Completely undermines the entire weaponmechanic.

The triple projectile explosive pistol (Packin Devastator) that travles in the most fffd arc possible and hits a very specific spot a few meters in front of you. Does like 8K damage total. Legit worse than some good weapons even before considering those can crit consistently.

Every splash weapon that travels in an arc Bearcats, Superballs and so on…
These are not as bad as the ones above because you can hit critspots on large targets somewhat consistently but they still need help even in the cases when you can do that. In every other situation they are abyssmal.

Also things like the soleki protocol. Incredibly hard to get optimal shots with - and even if you do its barely as good as just aiming that head. Nevermind that the weapon base damage is severly lacking in the first place.

2. Tediore weapons:

Homing mirvs are the only choice because they are much much much better from a pure damage perspective than anything else.
Buff the interesting ones that have some form of player interaction like shoot weapon for bonus damage / detonates on hit and so on. Would love to play tediore but all the tediore weapons that are not homing mirv are dudu and homing mirv is just incredibly boring to play due to complete lack of player involvement

3. Zanes frontal barrier

There is 0 reason to ever use this thing and the dome version is just… kinda stupid to play. The only way to remotely balance the dome is by simply having it not work against completely arbitrary attacks (as it is right now).
Make the dome only absorb like 50% damage (numbers can be changed - 75% would be totally fine too) or something and make the frontal barrier absorb 100% (truly 100%) like athenas shield.

Assuming the reason for the barrier not working properly is an unfixable bug an alternative option could be to just give an additional increase to damage dealt when shooting through the frontal barrier.

And for the sake of completeness

4. Slide and Slam

Just make them scale with melee damage increases and get all the bonuses (like knifedrain). Why would they ever not do that in the first place. Melee will still be crap just slightly less crap.