Buff Galilea after you fix her broken kit

Galilea is getting a health buff and a buff to her regen with the next patch. I don’t agree with her getting any buffs to her sustainability one bit. She can have 80% of the ccs in the game all at once and I refuse to believe that that’s not a broken kit. All of said ccs are on one easy to use skill and only one of them is not on it and that’s the stun. Galilea has been hit with a lot of nerfs but her overstuffed cc mess of a kit has hardly been touched. Galilea is hands down the most overstuffed character in this game. I would like to see her rework happen before you buff the mess that she is right now.


It was said many months ago that her kit would be reworked, that still has not come to fruition and I agree that no matter what nerfs she receives her kit will always be broken so long as she has such hard CC. A buff is the last thing she needs.


She will be even easier to use she kills everything without much issues

Lol that’s kinda hilarious. Amazing aim though

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She’s getting officially reworked in the next patch. Her and Thorn as well from what they’ve said. I see the starts of the Thorn change, and I feel like although they’re pushing for a tankier Galilea the regen buff was too early. The health was fine. They’re already buffing melees health and there’s the whole shield fiasco

I don’t understand what you people keep complaining about. Galilea is BALANCED. She is incredibly easy to shut down, has virtually no escape, and is a TERRITORIAL for a reason. If you come within her vicinity, you’re going to die.


Lol having 80% of the ccs is balanced? It’s not like you just waltz into her territory she pulls silences and slows you into it then stuns you while desecrate Amps her damage

My only real problem with her is she gets the Desecration Pull way too early.

Completely agree with this statement. The only two CCs of her I worry about are her stun and her pull. you can walk out of the rest

Technically it’s 50%
She has access to 5/10
Still crazy but just being accurate

Pull silence slow and stun, if I’m not correct the only other 2 hard ccs are knock up and blind. Which are subpar in comparison to the ones she already has.

Basically all the best ones:Stun, Bleed, Wound, Silence, Slow.

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And Pull

Ah I forgot about bleed
Thank you for reminding me 6/10

wait 10? What are the ones you’re thinking of?

List all the CC

I, for 1, think the opposite and agree (with the devs) that Gali is in need of a health buff (and a helix option to regenerate) as her abilities require a lot of coordination skills to function - and without such coordination skills … squish!

She has access to the following
She doesn’t have
Knock up

Her desecrate has way too much cc. If they would just put some of the ccs on the same helix that would solve so much.

Knockback back