Buff Galilea after you fix her broken kit

Lol how did you come out with the 85%? I ask you again, what is your view of characters being balanced?

No, it’s because this 85% I’m talking about is the people that DONT cry nerfs or buffs right away but see what is wrong with it or right to truly judge it

Where did you get this number from?

85% of the community is false info.

Pretty much, though 95% is not, what you think she is fine?

I’m so sorry that was false let me say the truth, 95 %

No @Vicks_Toire @supersawnick @EdenSophia, definitely not all, but they are smart, great players who know others that agree about galilea

End of story, galilea has a bloated, can’t be countered skill

Edit your sentence a bit more. You’re too angry to make sense at the moment.

Where is this evidence? All you’ve said is that Gali is too bloated because of her CC. What you’re basically complaining about is teamwork.

How am I, there is no teamwork or skill for one character to pull, silence, slow, stun, and then kill with ease, all by AOE SKILL

Only if the player is low skilled enough and have horrible teamates to get hit with everything from Galilea.

I think you miss understand me. I have all the love in the world for the people who designed the Eldrid, LLC, and UPR characters. And it was their characters that convinced me to buy this game for the story mode only. 75 dollars for 8 missions, literally that much love.

But this is what I mean when I said character balance. Which I’ll start out with… During the first month it was a popular request that the DEVs should buff all the characters to A or S tier instead of nerfing the characters that are powerful, designed well, and popular. But every time the loud minority/majority would snuff those people out and say “They’re only bringing down the few +S tier characters to make the game balanced, and buffing everyone is too hard and will make the game less balanced.”

It has been 5 months and I have watched Ambra, Galilea, ISIC, Alani, and now El Dragon become less than shadows of their former selves. Gally, while hit really hard bounced back and Ambra was reworked into a better character. And outside of the complete slaughters I’m still watching Marquis have his damage horrendously gimped, Benedict’s massive damage potential removed, Mellka become some weird limbo character, ect… And hell one of the most balanced characters Oscar Mike loss his wave clear ability… as a wave clear character.

All because of a universal decision made by the same dev that for whatever reason removed shepherds from Incursion, yet now says bots die too easily and now has to up their health, damage and says FU to AoE skills just cause. Which again is a bigger FU to PvE than it is to PvP, and for no reason.

And I mean they gutted characters like Alani, she doesn’t even have half of the same helixes she did day one for Christ sake. You can’t just redesign a character that did her job and did it well, just because she doesn’t fit your ideal image. I can’t even play ISIC or Alani in PvE any more (two of my favorite characters, with ISIC being my main) because they are literally not the characters I fell in love with on their release.

:fireworks: Whoo Shayne is (potentially) buffed quite a lot :fireworks:

He managed to randomly press the buttons correctly this time. It doesn’t make up for what he’s doing to El Dragon, OM, Benedict, Thorn, Caldarius, ect…


Because the only way Gali can kill efficiently on her own is at full health. If you let her stay at full health then you’re fighting her wrong. Gali pulls in one or several people to debuff them and let her team do the rest. She alone isn’t going to 5v1.


When did I’ve say she 1v5ed, and I’m done with this, not gonna reply, and if yall think yall won, just wow

And no you dont counter her, it’s called attacking one person as a team, anyone can do that

Yeah as mush as I love Gal the thread is at a bad point and if I want to talk to @cadecampbell more about stuff I’ll PM him.

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Why am I being targeted in this? I haven’t even said anything :frowning:


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