Buff iron bear, like seriously, it's dumb

for the most part im fine on how iron bear plays, holy moly endgame iron bear is not worth, if you are end game moze, just get stiff that gets you more damage, it does not help that there is a glitch that makes you instantly leave him as soon as you activate him, its sad man, he is fun to use in early game cuz you feel like a pushing goliath, plz bring iron bear back from the dark pit he falls to on endgame!!!


Other than the glitches and poor endgame, this is my third biggest problem. I hear FL4K’S abilities have similar problems as well.

I would say Gemma burst is underpowered compared to the other 2.

Fade Away is one of the most broken action skills in borderlands history combined with Guerrillas in the Mist and Unblinking eye.

And Rakk Attack can abuse annoited gear perks.