Buff old weapons dont nerfed new ones

I’m seeing a lot of hate for the new weapons. Theres talk about power creep. Theres talk about nerfing. My first though was the old weapons need a buff. I wouldn’t be upset if some of the newer weapons received an ever so slight nerfed but that never seems to be the case. Nerf hammer is heavy and falls too hard.

Anyway, if you look at the weapons that were buffed right before this patch, say for instance the lob, they still put in work. I have a 29k lob with 150% rad under 50% health and I can kill with it as easily as I kill with the sandhawk.

I bring this up because my point is, old weapons that never got their buff still need one. Weapons like breath of the dying and the kaus; I’d love to see buffed. All weapons that were always garbage much like the lob, they need a buff. Weapons like thunderball fists and super ball.

Also put weapons that nerfs destroyed back to the way they were ( and maybe even buff them). Good examples of this would be luciasns call and cross roads.

Gearbox needs to straight up buff the majority of older weapons and yes, if slighter lowering the new ones helps balance too then that’s fine. But it needs to be more fine tuning than hammer nerfs.


YellowCake will be nerfed.

This defense has been tried before and failed

I dont care about yellow cake. I’m talking big picture not one op gun


Nerfbox is as nerfbox does. With the rng as it is, new weapons and new anointments, I predict a rise in ‘too perfect’ weapons being offered up for trade (I’m looking at you perfect set of cryo sntnl redistributors).

There are so many weapons that need buffs, it would be faster for the coding guys to just nerf the enemies together with the few op weapons :smiley:
But I don’t mind either way

i agree with this and other weapons that have been lacking since oct need to be buffed. i like 1-mag flakker but it does need a damage buff

but not to the level of the new gear. mayhem mode needs to be nerfed. having overly powerful gear in playthrough 1 would make everything more trivial than it already is

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It’s just really sad because at this point with me personally they have about a 66.6% chance of dropping an update that I dislike. Couple that with the strongly negative feelings I have about the game currently and I think I’m going to go on another multi-month hiatus until the next 2 dlcs launch and see where it is then, just like I did after nerf-ageddon at launch. Came back with hammerlock marriage dlc and played and loved mayhem 4… now tho O.o yikes. the worst the game has ever been IMHO is right this moment.