Buff red chests

ever since the red chest even has ended, it seems almost pointless to even try to farm the red chests, since the legendary drop rate in them is pretty low atm. i was hoping gearbox would of buffed the legendary rate in the red chests after the red chest event, seeing that they buffed the rare enemy spawn rate and drop rates as well. i’m hoping that maybe gearbox would buff the legendary spawn rates in those red chests, to make farming them more viable again. not like it was during the event, but at least make it where you would want to farm them, and not feel like it’s completely pointless you know.


yeah, it feels like that is the one (non seasonal) event that didn’t have any lay over effect after it to the base game, show me the eridium permanently added possible eridium drops to all enemies instead of just bosses and bad As, rare spawn was upped after the event for that, drop rates improved as well, and take down was permanently scaled to lvl with option to return it to base difficulty, etc etc.

red chests just dropped back down to being negligible again.

At the very least, they should be bumped up to be more generally filled with purples. Greens or whites in a red chest should be rarer than oranges.

exactly my point. i’m sure they were monitoring people farming the red chests, like they were farming the rare enemies spawns. at least having it viable to farm them again would be better than what it is currently.

Yeah, the red chest don’t feel special at all. I have received just as many ledgendaries from white chests and the port-a-potties. The only thing that makes the red chests special is I get more items out of them.

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I would be happy if they just limited it to the first X red chests per day having guaranteed legendaries. With the end of the rare chest event, these things are back to being useless.

I don`t even bother opening them anymore, they only spew garbage, very disappointing :rage:

recently, i’ve been getting legendaries to drop out of weapon chests and the yellow chests, especially the one next to gorgeous armada in the compactor area. yet, i still have to see any legendaries from the red chests. best i’ve seen are purple rarity, sadly.