Buff / Rework of Zane Classmod(s) (Techspert)

• Zane’s Legendary ‘Techspert’ is something to behold, and I don’t mean that in a good way… “5% Chance on kill to recharge SNTNL cooldown and duration” is just useless in all honesty, so useless that I think the Techspert’s unique ability should be completely replaced. Most people who play Zane are already aware of how to efficiently and effectively keep action skill up time all the time, whether it’s the classic ‘CCC Build’ (Build based around Zane’s ‘Calm, Cool Collected’ Skill) that allows you to recharge your action skill cooldowns and durations when freezing an enemy while the player is at max HP and shield or Zane’s current meta with the Seein’ Dead class mod that essentially allows you to Infinitely proc ‘Good Misfortune’ constantly restoring Zane’s action skill durations AND KILL skill durations with 0 effort.

• As good as the new Seein’ Dead classmod is, I have to say it pigeon holds lots of people to only using a singular classmod since a classmod that allows for constant kill skill uptime on a character who relies heavily on kill skills to put out damage is simply unbeatable and is bad for build diversity. Not to mention it’s locked behind a DLC that everyone doesn’t have access to. The difference between Zane with and without the Seein’ Dead classmod is SUPER concerning and I think most can get behind me on that. I’m sure the people at Gearbox are aware of the current community challenge going on hosted by Moxsy, a content creator for borderlands 3 and as of now there hasn’t been any legit Zane runs on the scaled Takedown event. Why? Because Zane’s Seein’ Dead classmod was banned.

• So many people flocked to Zane when that classmod came into the game becasue it basically “fixed” one of Zane’s biggest issues, struggling to put out consistent damage. Pre-Seein’ Dead, Zane was only able to deal good damage in bursts due to not always having his kill skills active, if you couldn’t cycle your kill skill duration while your kill skills were still active you were in for a troublesome day.

• Not to mention, Zane’s ‘Seein’ Red’ capstone in his Hitman tree was made almost useless for people who had the new classmod and I don’t think a classmod is supposed to do that to a final tier skill. But that’s a conversation for another day. Anyway, I’ve talked about how good the new classmod is and how the other ones will never catch up to it, if Seein’ Dead stays the way it is, no other Zane com will come close to it. That doesn’t mean the other ones should be left in the dust and untouched. So back to the Techspert!

• I wanted to make the Legendary Techspert actually decent without changes the skills it boosted so here’s what I came up with.

• Unique Techspert Classmod Bonus: Zane gains increased Weapon Damage based on how full his shields are. Zane gains increased Movement Speed based on how full his health is. Zane’s guns have a chance to deal bonus elemental damage based on the last element Zane was damaged by for a short time.

• (Read into the skills the Techspert Classmod boosts and this’ll make a lot of sense)

• With the buff to Zane’s ‘Violent Momentum’ skill we all know how beneficial speed is too Zane. I think this is a great way to give Zane some really good damage damage while his kill skills are down/active. A character that relies heavily on kill skills for MASSIVE damage needs a way to deal good damage while said kill skills aren’t active.

• That’s my take on all this at least, hopefully this catches some eyes, I really like the idea of reworking underperforming classmods to provide more build diversity for our Vault Hunters. Also sorry for such a messy thread, this is my first time doing this :stuck_out_tongue: