Buff Shayne's Boomerang please

With her getting an overall nerf to melee damage can Shayne’s Boomerang skill be buffed a bit? Maybe have each successive hit to the main target increase by 1% damage or a flat damage buff when ever Fleet Footed is active, they are pretty hard to hit with anyway.

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She definitely needs something. Of all the characters hit today, she was the one in a good spot needing her shield up to stay competitive up close. Now oscar and benedict just totally outclass her, which is a shame.

The boomerang definitely needs a buff - if not to the damage, then to the speed of throwing. It takes way too long time between clicking and actually throwing it.

But boy, does it feel awesome when a nimble Orendi has managed to escape your consecutive normal punches, and you KO her with a last chance boomerang from far away. I was like DAYUM when it worked.

I just wish there were more chances for that, because as it is right now, I’m using the boomerang only about 20 times per match.

Once you’ve brought them up you can spam them pretty fast and the ricochet helps spread around a lot of assists and the rare kill. I usually toss out 500-800 a match, largely on minions while sped up at the end of a contested lane but also on anyone who doesnt want to sit still.

My issue is shes now getting downed by any other melee, often by like 100 points. I really don’t get what they were thinking taking so much damage away from a character whos damage is already gimmicky to start with.

You can spam the boomerang? That’s news to me, I was under the impression that you can only have one flying, and if you throw another then the first one doesn’t do anything. Perhaps it’s because of its minimal damage. Will check today, thanks.

One of her Helix options buffs the Boomerang damage up by 18%(?).
Only issue is that its on Helix level 7(?) and I usually like picking another choice at that stage. I think the Boomerang does enough though, it’s not meant to be super strong.

Sucks that her Primary punches were weakened. I really notice the loss of power there.

Nah there’s only the ricochet buff at T3. I think I’d be happy with her again if they removed the windup maybe. While I don’t think she was off before, a small buff like that might put her back to being more useful.

It’s a mutation she has that buffs her boomerang damage.
Character Rank 9 augment, Helix rung level 7.

Ah, I’ve missed that then lol. Shame its so deep in the tree

Just unlocked her final mutation; “The Power of Two” or sumthin’
It basically boosts her Melee damage by 18% while she still has shields.

I can see why they might have nerfed her melee attack a bit, with that augment she could have been really really dangerous.

So yeah, her last two Helix upgrades boost her Boomerang and Melee damage by 18%.

The last mutation is character rank 12 in Helix level 3. So you’ll have to give up those really nice ricochet boomerangs, sadly.

Ouch. Guess that does explain the nerf a bit though. Now to try and make her work without that augment so I can keep my sweet boomerangs lol

@fyrefox45 is right, and many people do not know that Shayne and Aurox actually can throw the boomerangs quite quickly after the initial delay, which I believe is fair and built in to prevent a quick switch between melee and ranged.

If you hold the boomerang fire button down, the delay to throw out the second and future boomerangs is probably about half of what it is to throw the first. You can actually pump out some pretty decent damage on fleeing enemies at a medium range, but once they get too far it is pretty challenging to hit consistently.

One things that’s kinda nice buff for her boomerang is her legendary gear when you rank up with her. After successful melee attacks on and enemy it feeds damage into her next boomerang thown. So basically on an typical engagement goes for me is this: stealth strike in , melee them down, they run away, boomerang for the kill. Basically everytime. Cause everybody runs for the star poop.

Shayne and Aurox are primarily a melee character. The fact they have any ranged ability at all is something to be grateful for. Primarily it gives you some amount of damage output when your shield/Aurox is down or when Aurox is tag-teaming. If your shield is up Get In There! :stuck_out_tongue:

For the sake of disclosure I didn’t get to play competetive multiplayer with the character but their damage output and survivability in PvE was very good.

I also did 1v1 Incursion vs a bot ISIC and I dominated them. No fancy tactics needed - I could just get up in their face and melee them until they went down. From my experience ISIC has really good DPS but I was able to consistently keep my shields up during this. The mercenaries were also a piece of cake.