BUFF Stiff Upper Lip of Zane to +12% Dmg Reduction per point = max +36% dmg reduction to fix Futility Belt

I just hope they FIX the synergy between Futility Belt and Stiff Upper Lip so the damage reduction adds up (previously tested Stiff Upper Lip doesnt add to Futility Belt proc) and they should BUFF Stiff Upper Lip so it does ATLEAST 12% dmg reduction per point = max 31% dmg reduction to offset the negative effect of Futility Belt on ur shields on TVHM ( Fire,Corrosive, and Cryo deals 100% dmg to ur shields vs the standard 50% dmg on TVHM ) meaning:

If Stiff Upper Lip (SUP) [+36% dmg reduc] procs with Futility Belt (FU) [+15% dmg reduc] = +51% dmg reduc

Fire,Corrosive,Cryo (formerly 50% dmg) deals 100% dmg - (SUP+FU) 51% dmg = 49% dmg on shields

keeping it neutral/back to normal at least but you still get the damage reduction of SHOCK (250%) as it is converted into Non Elem Dmg. (100%)

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