Buff tediore weapons

I think Tediore is getting the butt end of the stick in BL3, the games are super fun during the playthrough to use, but i havent found one thats useful during Mayhem 2/3.

Its a shame, my gf really loves them but gets discouraged from playing cuz she can’t use awesome guns she likes.

The legendary Tedicore in elemental flavors I find really good on Amara is the Baby Maker. I don’t know if its something with a part it has that does it, but it burns through ammo like nothing, it appears to use a full clip on throw even when I reload from shooting all the ammo. This is also what makes it so powerful. There is this other that acts like a flamethrower that I can’t remember off the top of my head while I’m at work that I’m practically invincible while using, even when paired with the loaded dice, due to the constant stream of leeching elemental damage. You just can’t hit squat at range with it.

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the long musket. the Elon musk gun.

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emm …excuse me. is it really name baby maker machine ?
and where to find it ?
thank you

Yea, the babymaker was in BL2 and is here too. Its a world drop as far as i know. Farm for legendaries and it should appear. It fires really slow in BL3 though, I really don’t like it.

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Agreed nobody use Tediore weapons, they really are far far from the other in term of DPS…
It is a nonsense, why giving us weapon they know we couldn’t use because they are not enough powerful…
Each time i found a Tediore weapon as drop or in a chest it is a punishment, because i know i will not use it…

The Baby Maker can be found as a world drop it’s not as common as most.
( The Wood Blocker ). But I’ve come across it a few times.
The only way that I know of to get a guaranteed drop of the Baby Maker is to find ALL of the Clap trap parts then you will get one sent to your mail…

Legendaries don’t count as their break the bound of “Corporation standard”. Tediore are Crap gun, and I think the dev know it as they actually mock this point in Rhys and Katagawa dialogue.

One nice upgrade would be the ability to reload even with a full mag, meaning you could AT LEAST use them as some sort of amno hungry grenade, since actually shooting with them is pointless