Buff the legendary drop rates or better buff the rewards in general

i really liked the game and was surprised by the good story missions . when i bought the game i only thought about the multiplayer and i think that the Multiplayer is the core of the game, but in order to get legendarys i have to play the story missions, which is not that bad because they are quite enjoyable. But the rewards are a joke. I dont want to grind story missions that often in a pvp game . and the pvp rewards are really low. they are as low as in f2p games , what comes next do you want to sell us double coin boosts and stuff. it just sucks and is frustrating as hell to play the same damn mission over and over again just to see the sentinel drop blue gear. all the guys i played with stoped playing and bought overwatch, because they were frustrated . We wanted to play pvp but instead played story in order to get the damn gear , but its just frustrating because the drop rates are so low. the game is just not rewarding enough so i am out.

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This is not true. You can PVP and buy epic packs for a chance at legendaries.

While true, someone who plays BB exclusively for PvP is at a huge disadvantage in regards to finding gear.

Thankfully though, gear isn’t a HUGE issue in BB. It’s pretty small gains on most things.

I’m approaching 200k in currency all from PVP. It’s easier for me to buy packs to find legendaries than it is to run 30-50 minute story missions. I would argue neither pve or pvp is a disadvantage. Just play the game any way you like and you’ll be able to find gear.

You do realize that PvE also earns credits…so you get gear drops AND credits to buy packs.

I feel like PvP earns maaaayyybe a little more credits though? It’s hard to say, really depends on how many challenges you manage to complete.

Yeah, depends on the length of the match too. Sometimes one of the teams surrender way too soon for me to earn anything.

PvE is definitely the better way to obtain gear , but i think both pve and pvp don t get you enough credits. and there is gear that makes a big diffrence

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You do know that you can’t get the same legendarys in packs that bosses drop right?

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really need buff the legendary drop rates. I finish advanced hardcore The Algorithm 100 times and still not get Poor “M-Pulse” Controller
I trying normal algorithm too but still not have Poor “M-Pulse” Controller now

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If farming for Legendarys, do Normal with friends. You can do 3-4 runs in normal compared to one advance. In the long run you will have a better chance to get legendarys that way.


thanks for the tip. I need persuade my friends first

If farming for Legendarys, do Normal with friends. You can do 3-4 runs in normal compared to one advance. In the long run you will have a better chance to get legendarys that way

^This. Do this folks

Edit: sorry @LilArsenic couldn’t get the quote to work on my phone

Lol, it’s K.

I think they should do a thing where if you keep running the same map over and over again, your chances of a legendary dropping increase. I love the game, don’t get me wrong. but when I run Alg 10 times trying to get “Shield Web Interdicitor” for a build I want to try/play, just to not get it, that’s honestly not fun.

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i would love to see that but i think its hard to manage because every player gets the same gear . so the drop rate would have to be some kind of mix of the players specific drop rates. i think just increasing the drop rates significantly or increasing the coins gained after evry game would be a step in the right direction it just feels way to low . btw i am lvl 78 so i have played a couple games by now

I’d be ok if they choose to sell a Legendary Pack, with some caveats -

  • There’s a 4 day cool down before you can buy another
  • It costs 47,500 credits, same as a character unlock, or just over 10 Epic Packs worth of cost
  • Boss Specific Legendaries are a very low chance on the Pack
  • It contains a chance for Tier 2 or 3 Skins or Taunts instead of a Legendary
  • It doesn’t contain any other items (No Epics, Rares, Uncommons, or Commons)

That way you have a “known quantity” to pursue, rather than having to make sacrifices to RNGeesus on the regular.

those packs would be great but 47,500 seems a bit expensive . thats about 100 games . i think every 15 games would be good .

I picked that amount because it’s a known number, the same price as a new Battleborn, and because it would keep Legendaries somewhat rare and thus special. I mean eventually, even at that price, everyone would be sitting on a mountain of Lenegdaries, but it would take longer, and perhaps by then an even more interesting option for Gear would be added, like Helix Mods or something, which would change their opportunity cost.