Buff the redistributor please

The redistributor took a big hit with the extra projectile nerf, the one for stability purposes which was viable to an extent. You guys buffed a lot of the weapons effected by this change but not the redistributor, and I find it to struggle even on chain Zane nowadays. How about you guys increase the likelihood of it to chain and the possible amount of chains, or make it chain every 5 shots versus every 7 shots? It’s not a vanilla game item, it only drops from Wotan and you can’t just warp to Wotan whenever you please and solo true takedown on m10 is no joke. Why would you want to solo true takedown? For increased likelihood of drops of course and some people just prefer to play solo, myself included. Please look into it and do your best to make it a little more viable, it’s only really any good for mobbing anyway, so make it useful for what it’s intended for please.


i think some guns should get a small buff at least
and the redistributor is one of them
it rly needs a small boost in overall power

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Agree with the OP. There are a lot of ricochet weapons that were breaking the game, but IMO the Redistributor wasn’t one of them. I never had any lag issues due to it. I think it needs a damage buff AND chaining adjusted so that the chains will proc more frequently and quickly.

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