Buff Trick of the Light and Like A Ghost

The two penultimate skills in Zane’s Clone tree are both really bad.

Trick of the Light

Trick of the Light gives up to 18% bonus shock damage if his target isn’t targeting him. The trouble is, most powerful enemies ignore his clone even with the enhancement that’s supposed to make them focus on it, so in single-player play, the skill is utterly useless. Fl4k has a similar skill, but that one is different because Fl4k has a skill that forces enemies to stop targeting him entirely, so he can always at least get some use out of it.

What if it gave half the bonus just by default, and then doubled the bonus when they’re not targeting him? 9% bonus damage is pretty small, but it’s better than nothing, and might make the skill at least worth considering.

Like A Ghost

Like A Ghost is basically useless. It’s a bullets-only Damage Resistance bonus(effectively). It lets you ignore a percent of bullets, but ignoring 6% of bullets is no different from taking 6% less damage from all bullets, really.

And it gives up to 6% passive Damage Resistance, increasing to 15% after using an action skill, or 24% after using two action skills. Only problem? It only lasts for 8 seconds, and deploying your action skills takes up a significant part of that time! By the time you’ve got everything deployed you’re looking at maybe 5 seconds of having a glorious 25% damage resistance; contrast that with Amara, who can get 40% damage resistance for 15 seconds after using one action skill.

What if the passive bonus were amped up to like 15%, and then it gave a very short period of complete invulnerability after swapping with your clone? Like, 0.5 seconds for 1 point, all the way up to 3 seconds for 6/3? That way you could actively use it to dodge specific attacks, like the Mega Blender.

These two skills are penultimate skills, I think it’s okay for them to be powerful by default.

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trick of the light - I am honestly just grateful for any damage we get on zane, so I like trick of light and take it more often than I should probably… for me it is active quite often though.
But sure I’d take a buff on it as it IS rather weak, and shock, with seems kinda out of place also, but is nice for taking out shields more quickly without needing a schock weapon.

like a ghost - I agree is utterly useless.
My suggestion for this was make it work like almost all other skills in this tree, where you get a bullet absorb chance based on the active action skill so +3% per active action skill per level, making it 9% for 3 points and then 18% if you have 2 skills active.
This would be a really nice damage reduction while still beeing conditional!

I’m wondering if now it can be spammed with the Mantis cannon.