Buff zanes clone swap skills + some to make him a bit more in line with our other hunters

I hear the duration for the 130% damage bonus on clone swap with Zane in 6 seconds. Blowing up the clone (using the dopplebanger augment for digital-clone) takes up around 2-3 leaving a small window to benefit from action skill end damage bonus. I feel like both increasing the duration of the digi-clone swap bonus to at least 10 seconds or longer while also making the time to detonate the clone go down to around 2 seconds flat (because if you hold it for that long then I’m sure you know what your doing) This would bump Zane up to a more competitive bossing vault hunter that can use the damage bonus at the end of skill anointment like our other VH, while still leaving his other builds That are more viable for mobbing. PLEASE GIVE THE MAN SOME LOVE

Because Zane really needs help :smiley:


Well if you don’t include weapon crit swapping and a few other specific cheese variations for boss gibbing, we only have two viable coms and we all know the slide build is wildly less popular than the seeing dead counterpart that for the most part uses shield and drone. I rarely see digi clone builds. And I’m not saying he needs help, he needs variation?? Let’s hear about how adding class variation for builds and making other play styles is a bad thing? Plus this wouldn’t directly buff his strongest builds. Just make a weaker play style more forgiving for timing? Having 3 seconds of 130% wep dam plus element after blowing up your clone sounds great :unamused: (also I suggested a buff to at least 10 second timer for the anoint when all of the siren ones are between 250-300% dam buffs? And decreasing the detonate delay for convenience?? Not even a buff but a mechanic tweak)

I thought the anointment was 130% damage after swapping with clone? You can do that multiple times per action skill with the right build. I’m not sure why you keep referencing blowing the clone up. The anointment is not ASE.


zane is great but atm he relies entirely on one com to be great having said that atm my best maliwan take down guy is my clone and drone zane actually using him as I type this lol but yeah him relying entirely on one com is actually really bad it is so beyond any other com that the others are a waste of time space and data

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Here is a short video using no skills except Borrowed Time

As you can see, we achieved 7 swaps to the clone in a single action skill cycle. With a full build that maximises action skill uptime, the digiclone swap anointment would provide a nearly constant 130% damage buff.

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But the OP didn’t start this thread to talk about the limited com choices, he/she started this thread because they thought the digiclone swap anointment needed buffing. I don’t agree.

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No my aim is to use the swap damage boost with the action skill end elemental bonus so you get a similar (still honestly less than) damage boost to our other characters. But also constantly swapping with your clone very three seconds just to remain competitive is a very awkward and kind of unfun play style at times

And this is still much much much less than what Amara can achieve with an ability use combining either her 250% or 300% anoint choices alongside two elemental boosts of her choice?? Also after testing using the 100% bonus Cryo is better by far at that point providing 100% uptime with a regular seeing dead build lmao. :+1:t2:

That’s kind of what I was indirectly saying it doesn’t need a buff it’s my go too take down build using those anointments


But also we only have two viable choices so??

my understanding currently zane with seeing dead is the most powerful vh amara being second and that’s either drone and shield or drone and clone

Just use seeing dead with a gun with 100% Cryo on sent use with a shield and you get better results

tbf, that is not what you started out saying in your OP. You were talking about the digiclone swap anointment only being 6 seconds. Then you started talking about ending the clone.

So, you have 2 ideas going on here. Either you want to use the digiclone swap anointemnt (which is very powerful. More damage than any other anointment outside Amara’s ‘after Phaseslam and Phasecast 300%/250%’

Then you talk about wanting to use ASE anointments by killing your clone.

I am now at a loss as to what you actually want to achieve.

If it is to use ASE anointments then Zane is probably the wrong character. Sure it can be made to work but it is clunky. Zane is a character that has a flow to his gamestyle. Constant movement and if using clone, constant swapping.

tbh my clone and drone is better ion cannon infinite ammo plus 130% clone swap damage boost its insane makes amara look weak and she ain’t weak lol I can heal like no tomorrow due to all my kill skills activating out healing most damage

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I’m wondering if the OP is trying to use both anointments. Swapping to clone for the 130% and ending clone for the ASE off shield and nade. If so then yes, there is a very small window where both anointemnts are triggered.

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No we only have one viable choice and that is the com seeing dead zane is op to all hell atm but only with that com so in reality he is not in a good place it may not seem that great a difference but amara has three coms atm the hyperion dlc one and the phasezerker and that speed one don’t remember the name sorry

I think that’s what he’s trying to do

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Yes, The Spiritual Driver. But in practice it is only the Phasezerker and Driver coms that are really viable at M4, certainly for easy play.

Tbh, there isn’t a great choice of coms for any VH compared to the selection we had in BL2. But again, in endgame, OP level BL2, the builds had less variance, Maya would use leg Cat or Trickster, Axton would use Leg Gren or Leg Soldier etc.

I’m currently working on the jackpot dlc com build using an anointed rough rider having said that it’s only become doable due to the level cap I use slam to proc 300% damage buff the com to take damage and reduce cd and the anointment is phaseslam damage reduction and speed boost I am still working on it and tweaking it atm but it seems promising for m4

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