Buffed SMG's in todays patch

What do my fellow Zane players think of the buffed SMG’s in todays patch. I cant wait to try the Bitch, Handsome Jackhammer and Ten gallon on my clone/drone cryo build.

If the Vanquisher is as good as they say the meta gameplay will be a forking nightmare.

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When I saw Cloud Kill in there I felt myself wondering if it was suddenly in the world loot pool LOL.

can you elaborate on that?

Because, to be the most effective you would have to slide at high speed to make the most out of it, which me and my aim are to old for.

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Im not sliding that much in combat, I play on console and I find it to be a bit of a pain to do effectively.

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Gonna be interesting to see if the Bitch is worth using now. Jackhammer is probably gonna be good because it never was that bad of a gun. Ten Gallon probably still is gonna be pretty bad if I had to guess.

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Im still using night hawkin over kaosons sometimes cause its viable. Its now better but i dont feel like im throwing potatoes at enemies while using it. I really hope the same thing happens with these SMGS.

Exactly that’s why that would be annoying.

Saved a 50/150 Bitch just in case, will test tonight.

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The bitch is the one im the most eager to see in action.

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I think that’s the issue with sliding/airborne anoints or buffs in general: it’s just way too difficult to consistently aim with them. I’ve had situations in Borderlands games where I’ve lined up a sniper shot so that it’s aligned perfectly when I’m at the peak of my jump, and certainly in TPS, airborne play was easier to take advantage of, but both those situations are either extremely rare or just not really feasible in BL3.

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I just got one tonight with the SNTL anointment. It was actually surprisingly good. I’m headed to Discipline to see if I can get a good Antifreeze (+SMG and two good passives).

Aiming while sliding is not too bad if you think of it as jousting, i.e., line up your target, run at them, slide, and burst them down with the Vanquisher.

i have tested bitch and it mobs really well now both bitch and hyperfocus fulfill a purpose just fine but it is far from ammo eficient mobbing tool and definitely not a boss killer. scaling is just too harsh


Rip bitch and hellfire, may your purpose in bl2 serve you better. Just remember how good you were back in the day. We all grow old right?

I thought all the weapons m10 were garbage without op anoints like rad 150. U can make any crap great with that anoint.

Ive basically gotten em.all but cloud kill? How the hell can i get that?.. Lol

Thing is mob an armored enemy without an anoint. Use a m6+ or cartel exclusive… They shred anoint or no.

They still need a bit more imho

Repeat the story but it won’t scale.

i went over many smgs these days and i gotta say they have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

buffed cloudkill but not purge, buffed ripper and vanquisher but not boomer or sleeping giant buffed tsunami but did not touch ion laser, if their max capacity is looking into 10 smgs per month i dno what to expect any more. nerf kaoson and leave opq monarch and reflux as is? why how do you go over smgs and keep crossroads in the state it is at, it is literally worse than lovemachine in close range. even first nerf was uncalled for.i am by far not against nerfs but the nerfs they did to some guns make nonsense. like lyuda going from 30% to 10% crit. call’s mag sizes crossroad projectile nerf ion canon ammo consumption level that they chose etc. so many guns make no sense that my mind is about to blow. i know of these things because i use a lot of guns i don spend my time with that perfect setup i created and cry every second limited time event and dlc level increase or whatever. nopewpew flew under the radar but it was million miles stronger than other cov leggos it is all big yikes dog. if there is one thing i do not believe is that devs are looking into guns a lot, it just can not be a single man can do more balancing then what we have seen overall so far in a 2 weeks time.


Wait, What? The Tsunami was buffed?

Oh boy oh boy !!! I know what Im going to go get when I get home from work.

Not sure if its just me but the Tsunami was one of my favorite smgs during my first playthrough before entering Mayhem mode. I was lucky enough to have it drop during my battle with Kata Ball and absolutely loved it.

well they did but they also added flipper which is far superior