Buffs the devs should impliment ASAP

nobody needs to be nerfed lel don’t listen to noobs

Buff + Shield Strength gear. at least 300 or 250

Rework Helixs, replace generic ones like that +sheild strength ghalt and phoebe has and the 0.5 seconds reduced per hit Alani, Pendles, AND Caldarious. Be more creative

Give Caldarious back the instant reload after gravity burst. was really helpful for my dps kit, idk why you removed it in the first place.

Melee Characters do increase damage to Thralls since you can’t aim for the weak spot

add a wound for Ghalt’s tactical rounds. Really fits the “disrupter” role. Also give him his stun back pls

Replace Shayne & Aurox’s %100+ slow with a one sec stun. cause no one would pick increased slow that over attack speed boost.

Increase Pendles stun to back what it was (4+2 seconds)

Revert Melka’s Venom nerf ■■■■’s mad annoying. I literally cannot fathom how you acknowledge it was annoying, fixed it, and then went back, that legit makes no sense. (and stop trying to shove that hybrid melee shooter playstyle down our throats, I only Melee if there’s no time to reload)

Increase Whiskey Foxtrot’s scrap cannon does %50 damage against shields to %80 or 100.

buff Oscar Mikes and Whiskey Foxtrot’s grenades, feels under powered now. (Not the DoT helix’s, the initial impact)

Buff Shield Pen gear

Buff Holowtwin for Deande, usually gets eradicated in seconds

Greatly Increase Pendles secondary attack speed

Buff Rath’s ult back to what is was in the good ole days.

Buff Benedict’s health

What?[quote=“sonyktukevil, post:1, topic:1556190”]
don’t listen to noobs

I think you are addressing yourself right here.



and nah I’m not a noob

Hey, avoid the personal comments, please.


make it happen gbx :smiling_imp:


there is absolutely no need for a holotwin buff. it’s fine just the way it is.


I can only agree with buffing the shield pen gear and … that’s about it
Ghalt is already OPAF, getting roped in is instant death for everyone and giving him his stun back would be broken - same with S&A.
OM and WF nades are just fine
Pendles’s secondary atk isnt supposed to do a lot of damage
Holotwin comes out with the ammount of health you initially have as a player. activate earlier if you want it to live longer.
Rath’s old ult damage was way over the top, especially since you could juggle you ontop of it

I feel all of these buffs are waaay over the top and unnecessary. cant tell if your trolling or not honestly


Ok so, I’ll try addressing this a little bit.

Shayne can already get a 1k shield… I might also mention Deandes Calculated Risk and that one helix Kleese has. Buffing gear will indirectly buff any character that benefits from that gear. Gear shouldn’t be buffed willy nilly. COUGH COUGH.

Way too strong, and completely unnecessary. Have you tried running away from a huge demon while rooted? because that’s what the 100% slow does to you.

These are all incredibly strong helices. They just can’t give all 30 characters 10+ helix choices that in no way overlap each other, don’t break balance, and also fulfill your idea of creative. What would you replace these with?

Does not need any buffs. Maybe look at some less ideal helices but some other characters need this much more than him, so I wouldn’t hurry with it.

Doesn’t matter, it’s point is not to spawn in another Deande. (Which is what it does now, actually.)

Revert one of the nerfs, maybe (cooldown or duration), it shouldn’t need to be turned back into what it was. (Which reminds me, some other highly damaging ults need way more looking into than Dreadwind ever did.)

Hell to the no.



I mean, I’m a no one then. I prefer the slow since it helps deal with minions or helping an ally who is running from an enemy. I pop the increased slow on the enemy helping my ally get away from them, or on the minions to slow down their progression to the objective, especially if I have too low of health to kill them. I only pick attack speed boost in PvE.


Please no personal comments. Calling others out to be a troll counts as such and posts in this fashion are not welcome here.


The only thing I can agree with you is just the Rath ult, the Shld Pen and just OM’s grenade radius, just thinking the Deande with 160+ more shield on CR would literally make me not play this game anymore.

Reworks take time so other than Melka, I don’t think they’re working on anyone else.

none of the Ghalt and S&A stuff.

maybe revert Pendles slow to 4 and buff his secondary attack, right now is garbage.

WF doesn’t need buffs or nerfs as well as Deande.

If we buff Benny’s health, his HE extra sec has to go.

Wait, I legit assume that OP is purposefully joking here. The whole post reads like a standard-format meme post making fun of all the “nerf X” posts by instead asking for unnecessary buffs. There’s no way OP is being serious here with things like “Give S&A another stun”.


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Oh lordy no. That’d be absolutely terrible

You actually can. Look up

This is almost as bad as the first suggestion. It’s a decent helix already and she doesn’t need a stun, she’s already very strong

It’s not exactly meant to be useful

My Kleese agrees

Actually they’ve confirmed Gally as well, and that the next patch will be a balance patch, so I suspect one or two more

To OP: I find most of your suggestions illogical and likely incorrect. My apologies


nah. It gets blown away in seconds. It’s suppose to fool people not be easy to detect

nah m8 it wouldn’t be broken, and I was talking about giving Ghalt default wounding or at least a friggin mutation Helix
nah they’re UP as ■■■■ lel
I don’t need damage, but if it’s doing 40 damage then don’t make it take years to throw it like it’s borderline useless
^Why would I activate it earlier? I only use it to get out of situations or to sneak around. and if I DO sneak around, hence activating it earlier then chances are it’s not gonna go all the way across the map to the enemy players
It’s SUPPOSE to be over the top, it’s suppose to be terrifying, it’s suppose to be “No Escape” but the noobs got too scared if Rath I guess -_-

what’s your point? Those are like three characters out of 30? What about the Eldrid -_-

How do you know? it was never tried, and no since they nerfed slow for no reason it’s just quicksand now. the defaultslow is good enough and the attack speed buff to go with it makes it way easier to pumble enemies quickly. The one sec stun makes way more sense and people would pick the left helix more often

what’s your point? They suck ass, they come off as bland. Remember how Ambra’s helix literally completely changes her secondary? they should do more stuff like that

His grenade is underpowered and you know it. ■■■■’s weak

Yes it does, it’s too fool the other players obviously

Nah lel cooldown is feh but it doesn’t does the damage like it used to, it’s soft now.

Yes, his stun was fine I don’t see the big deal.



Yes I’m being serious lel these buffs should be implemented insteading over nerfing characters that noobs can’t handle

all of these make complete sense how are you not getting this -_-

Sounding a bit sarcastic here I still can’t tell if you’re serious :confused: