Bug 1 ammo after update patch

hi I got bug on my main gun :o . but its not effect if I not click back to main menu and update. excuse me anyone got this bug like me ?

Which gun?

its at my shotgun :o . Its keep switching , if I restart I mean click back to main menu to update patch again its will malfunction magazine turn to 1. but if I not click update patch just go play . its working well . but sometime its switch back during I play :0

Is your shotgun a flakker?

lets me take a look :0

yes its have surename flaker :o . is it bug atm ?

Flakker only has 1 shot now.

o.O . when they gonna fix it :o ?

It’s no bug, Flakker got nerfed because it was incredibly overpowered.

Felinena here is a link to the hotfix changes, the first post lists them all.

D: !
its np . :d . I think I need new shotgun now :0 . I cant play with that its seem malfunction . its like hellawalker shotgun or something name call like this. I got it x4 time at super premium grade but
all I can do . I just give away to my friend or throw it to newbie make them wanan 50 to use it .

This is bad., all I remember. a shotgun is power same as this gun is an alien gun … and I always throw it away to newbie bcouz its serious ugly cant even selfie with it and I feel like I harm animal during use it couz its have rawr voice during shoot too ! = ^ = ;;

I must collect its all again - o - … and must throw my flaker set out to newbie - ^ - couz it consume my bank space .

</3 no cheer

even with 1 shot moze can still shoot it forever, i tested it and had 1/0 ammo and as long as my stormfront was out i regen that 1 shot (if u hit reload animation u can cancel with a grenade throw and u should have regenerated that 1 shot).

using this build https://bl3skills.com/gunner/#500010000000050430031531010055310101000

shield : re-router
artifact: deathless (any version)
class mod: bloodletter (didnt see that comin)
grenade: stormfront

this setup still spams flakker (at 120% thanks to my re-router)

basicly they ruined it for everyone but moze… slow clap gearbox

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You can also boost the ammo back skill on flak and probably get back the one ammo pretty consistently, and since the flakker shoots so slow you should be able to shoot it forever. Not tested yet tho.

Yea Flakker gots 1 ammo now and a looong reload so if that doesn’t suck enough for you at least on mine I shoot a bandit he is completely in middle of cloud of explosions takes no damage. Your experience?

This is BS, have been playing forever, up to even the minute. Got a new flakker at higher level. I went to Casino, saw a half minute reload after every shot and was like wtf?!?!? I just went back to bank to grab other and it has 1 in chamber. This is crap, I hate nerfing but 1 make on a 3 second reload. You beefed a gun so bad that you made it worthless. A rocket launcher gives you 3 at least with targeting. Figure it out 1st!! My whole life I wanted to be a tester. I can put some hours on a video game. You all submit a product that people purchase and just change whenever you want. Why not make everyone play mayhem 10 at start with a jakobs pistol with 1 round. Yay, just got into going through to do side mission and spent days in bank and setup. I’ll go back to BL2. maybe Sony will refund on false advertising. Millions of guns went to 1 gun you can barely get and 1 million POS. Funk Gearbox, and to think after 8 years I get into this so much I pay for ultimate. Boycott for real. Let me play hours with a gun and end of day it’s nerfed. I am livid about to go all Karen on you guys.