[BUG] 2 interface issues (mouse click/scroll/focus)

  1. when changing focus back to Battleborn by mouse clicking, the item that is highlighted is ‘clicked on’. I commonly Alt+tab out during queue, and I click back onto Battleborn during voting screen, I click onto a non-button area, but the highlighted button becomes clicked. I assume you don’t use the mouse location during your OnClick(), instead using the console highlighted option. It seems like this does not happen in other menu’s, maybe the map voting screen only? *Also happens while in game, it makes my character auto attack.

  2. On the gear page, you can repeatedly (click gear in loadout -> scroll while mouse is over gear bank -> click into gear bank), it fails to select the item you clicked on. This only happens when you have scrolled far enough that the previous item you had selected in the gear bank, is scrolled off screen.