Bug 2nd typhon chest on Black barrel cellars (the one in the bathroom)

bug with the second typhoon chest of Black barrel cellars (the one in the bathroom), even if I activate it it does not appear on the map and is not taken into account in the countdown for the challenge. really sad cause I try to do all crew challenge and I have manage to do it untill this one.

after restart of the playstattion, works now

I’m having the exact same problem, 2 resets later and it’s still happening.

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Same issue, even after multiple game and system resets.

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I sspecify that I continued the adventure by doing another main quest before restarting the PS4 and return to this map to retry this typhoon chest. before that I was staying on this map by doing fast travel, restart game etc without success.

Had this bug as well. Worked the second time when I went back through the map to activate it. This game has so many bugs right now, but they are too busy nerfing guns to fix anything apparently.

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yup last one, with dead claptrap bugged, have all claptraps, and typhon but on black barrel cellars. Bugged, can’t get trophies because of it!

I have this same bug on the PC version. Will try it again tomorrow.

This sounds dumb, but activivate the typhon log and stay still, after it ends crouch and reactivate it, I don’t know why but it works


This worked for me, without restart, or leaving the area.

@fhbiii worked perfectly thank you I was getting so agitated

So strange :joy::joy: but it worked! Thanks dude

It did sound dumb, but I was so frustrated I tried it. Thank you!!

Exactly the same on PC. Worked like a charm.

Absolutely worked on PC for me, good find.

THIS ACTUALLY WORKED lol. I was like no way, I stood in front of it to google this bug and read this. I am on Xbox One S but I crouched and stood still. It showed up on the map and gave me the challenge 2/3. Amazing. Thank you so much

Yes this was a great help crouching works

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Thank you this actually worked! I can’t believe it did but it did. Ive been trying to get this log for ever

Thank you so much lol was getting pissed, how did u find that out lmao?

Crouching and activating the log actually works.