[Bug] Able to heal through walls on multiple targets

I am not sure where I need to report this but I feel it should be reported.

Tonight in an incursion match I noticed that my healing beam was being extended to multiple nearby friendlies. At first I assumed it might be an advantage of a buff or nearby accelerator. It was unusual and my friend on ts was being healed when I wasnt even targeting him. He then went to break the line of sight but was still receiving the healing. He then went far forward and I stopped firing, but the beam stayed on him. Screenshot below.

With no other option he went forward and bit off more than he could chew so that he would die and I pulled back. He respawned and the bug did not appear again. The beam only healed and went to him when I aimed at him and it no longer healed anyone other than my single target.

I wish I could provide more details, but alas everything was happening so fast and I didn’t immediatly realize it. Here is what I do know though.

I was near an accelerator, teammates were oscer mike, Montana, Galilie and Marquis. I was trying to keep montana alive and then I noticed beams shooting to all nearby teammates, and again, my friend on ts says he was recieving the healing while he intentionally broke the line of sight with me. Again as the screenshot shows I was not even using the healing beam and still it went forward and locked him. The only way to stop it was by him going forward and getting killed.

I am kinda afraid to be posting as I have been banned from another game for posting bugs or what some would call exploits, but I hope my intention to make devs aware of this is recognized.