(BUG) all players of the friends list can see you are online on borderlands3 when you are offline!

problem on Xbox one and ps4 and it’s very not cool for users !!! all friends of friends list can see when you are online because the game notifications go to the screen of all player of the friends list playing at borderlands 3 !!! and all in the friends list know that you are online when you are offline !!! it’s not cool …

it’s not possible to desable notifications for all players of the list

what is the use of the offline option on the consoles to not be seen or to be able to play with some quietly if everyone can see it and you spammer invitations or messages as you join them not in a group or game, and have to justify yourself ??? Is the goal to create jealousies between players or disputes ???

why microsoft and sony have they create an option “appear offline” ???


Was just wondering whether BL3 honored the offline setting - this should be fixed.

You need to mark yourself as offline in the game!

Pause the game, press Y on xbox controller and go to settings. Select Offline/Local play.

No notifications are sent to friends.


It do not work (friends receved notification of défis and level up in his screen) :wink:

friend1: let’s play coop
friend2: nope i am currently not playing
friend1: but you just killed xxxxx


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loooooooool :smiley:

I HAVE THIS PROBLEM AND OTHERS (not cool) :innocent:

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Yes the Offline functionality as of now is a lie. I want to play this game without getting bugged by people. Invisible mode NOW Gearbox.

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