[Bug] Anointed gear giving no effect

I’m on pc firstly, I have a shield and 3 weapons equipped all with the same anointed effect, 200% bonus melee damage after phaseslamming. when I punch an enemy normally without my melee override and do roughly 4000 damage, I then went behind cover let my shield get up, and pulled out one of the anointed guns, I then did a phaseslam and did once again 4000 damage, my melee override is doing just under 8000 damage which is working finely but my anointed gear is doing nothing. This makes amara melee really hard at mayhem 3, I should be capable of doing at minimum 16000 damage with a single punch but its not going into effect at all.

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I have noticed other perks and effects not working as intended as well and it’s a shame on gearboxes part

I’m pretty sure anointed effects don’t stack, you can have different ones but the same ones won’t stack, so 200% 3 times won’t be 600%

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The original effect isn’t working much less stacking.

From what I’ve tested the phaselam melee damage increase on announted weapons does not work.

The gun damage from annointed phaseslam
And phasecast does tho.

The problem with Phaseslam anointed gear is that it only works with the basic Phaseslam version. It doesn’t do anything with e.g. Fracture.

ahhh, i’m having a similar problem i have anointed shotgun for Fl4k that gives extra rakk charge for action skill but i still only have the default 2, so not sure whats up with it.

Have you been able to test annointed phasecast with deliverance/reverberation/ tandava?

Now that I thought to try earl will not sell an annointed phasecast after I’ve been looking for 2 hours

No, I haven’t.

Okay got a rebell yell with 250% phasecast damage buff and can confirm
It works for phasecast variants (well I didn’t test tandava the first two worked so I left haha)

Tested on gravemind on normal difficulty with no mayhem buffs of course and removed all action skill points so there was no dps increases while speccing down to Deliverance and reverberation. Also removed phasezerker class mod since that grants a dps increase.

My rebel yell did 363 per bullet hit (all non critical hits in this test) when phasecast was used it did 1270 per bullet for approximately 10-12 seconds. It did the exact same
1270 after switching to Deliverance and reverberation as well.

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I have tried gear with Phaseslam-specific melee bonus perk (both weapon and shield) with actual Phaseslam instead of its variations. It doesn’t work. I believe this perk is just broken in general.

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Yes tested myself and it indeed does not work. The gun damage boost from phaseslam does work tho as well as phase cast. They really want melee to suck I guess.


I’m using PS4 and trying to use an anointed shield with Fl4k, it’s supposed to give me an extra charge of rakk attack, but it’s very inconsistent, it’s like I have to fight the game :tired_face: Get too far in the map? No perk. Change or complete your objective? No perk. Getting your ass kicked? No perk. I have to swap out another shield and put it back on and that works most of the time, but it happens way too often and just feels like I’m trying to glitch the game for something I should have anyways. Pretty exhausting


Yep players are supposed to be grinding for these above all else end gear annointed loot that don’t even work most of the time :joy:


I have the exact same problem it needs fixing :thinking:

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I have to go through a similar process for Amara’s Remenant skill, quite often it just is not going off and I have to actually close and reset maps at checkpoints to try load one where remenant is going off.

Seeing as my remenant hits are doing 200k plus on mh3 its a huge dps drop when its missing.

@gearbox any fix for this bug yet?

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does it stack or not?

You clearly didn’t buy the correct pre-order package. If you had paid the extra amount for the Super Deluxe Bug Free Edition I’m sure everything would be fine. You can’t expect a working game for only 100 bucks can you?

PC player here and the anointed (after exiting iren bear, do not consume ammo for 5 sec) does not work @gearbox @shift

Are you keeping the gun equipped because you only get the bonus for the equipped weapon (the gun you are holding) and shield but they do not stack so try having weapon damage on a facepuncher and melee damage on shield

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