Bug: Attempting to filter missions causes crash

Open the echo, go to the Log tab, hit square to filter. Immediate blue-screen crash. I’ve yet to actually see what can be filtered since the game simply crashes.

You can filter by mission type or region. Just if you wanted to know lol

happens to me too… instant blue screen 100% of the time when trying to filter when in the log screen… ps4.

Same is happening to me on PS4 as well. Everytime i sort missions it crashes. It’s been like this since patch.

Same here and it’s damn irritating. Kept all the side missions for after finishing the main story in TVHM and now this is happening

Same here. Tried six times, crashed 6 times.

same here but on PC… weird.

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I’m getting the same issue, but on PC.

It seems to be linked to a specific mission. In TVHM, I only have 2-3 missions at the very beginning of the mode (Mayhem is more fun, anyway) it will filter no problem. In normal, I try to filter and it the game instantly crashes.

Going to go complete them one to the next and see if it’s a specific mission, or because I have a LOT of missions.

Same is happening to me on PS4, every time I attempt to filter I get a crash with error code CE-34878-0. This is not linked to a specific mission or quest because I have several (well over 15) side missions that I left till after I completed the campaign;
(and I don’t need the troubleshooting steps for that particular error code because it’s not my system that’s causing the error so anyone with the bright idea of telling me the common troubleshooting steps for that error I would thank you to please refrain from doing so as this is a coding issue for the devs to solve on their end).

Sâme thing for me but I’m on Xbox. Does any body in gearbox is aware of this problem because it’s fu***** annoying.

We just want to sorted our missions by places instead of the useless :poop::poop::poop:one the gave us by default.

Thank you, do something please.

Pc Here on 10/12 - Can confirm this is still an issue. It wasn’t always this way as I used to use it to sort my location just fine but now it is crashing everytime. No amount of settings tweaking has fixed this issue.

Instant crash on PS4. Based off comments, it sounds like it might be tied to the amount of side missions you have. I counted 20+ on mine…??

Yep same. Twice now we got char upto level 34 finishing second vault and doing everything… On sanctuary 3 go to log to sort missions and blue screen.

same for me i use to be able to filter my missions, but for the last week i freeze and then crash everytime. im on xbox btw

this mite be the case i have a crap ton of side missions i left after playing tvhm and burning through the campaign.

If you cut off the game, disconnect from the internet completely, and then cut the game on it is filtering for me. It is something in one of the hotfixes.