Bug... BIG FRIGGIN' BUG! (Nevermind, I'm dumb)

I was playing a game of incursion as ISIC the other day… and my team was getting slaughtered.
We hadn’t been able to advance past the mid point of the map all game. We were all several levels behind our opponents… then it happened. As they destroyed our first sentry I was forced into a corner as a Reyna and Rath made me regret my own birth. By some miracle I took down Reyna. Doing this leveled me up and unlocked my ultimate. I isntantly activated my ultimate when it became available without selecting any helix upgrade or anything. We all know how awesome ISICs ultimate is. So I made quick work of Rath. But something happened, or I guess something didn’t happen… I stayed in ISICs cannon mode far after the normal amount of time. Infact I didn’t get kicked out of ISICs cannon mode until I died. However I was able to survive an extremely long time in his cannon mode. We reversed momentum. Destroyed their first sentry. Then I died. But we were still able to pull together the win

By activating ISICs ultimate the moment it became available while also in combat I encountered a bug that made it so I could stay in his ultimate form until death.

Clearly a big bug that should probably be addressed.
Never ending ultimate bug…

Not a bug isic’s ultimate lasts until canceled by choice, cc or death always. There is no auto ending timer.

That’s why cc is almost required when facing isic


I’m just bad.

It’s probably one of the best ult moves because of that. Get a team of isic and you can silver/gold any story mission advanced

I’m so dumb.
This entire time I thought it auto ended after a certain amount of time.
Yeah ISICs ultimate just got a lot better in my book

:acmaffirmative: it’s a common mistake don’t sweat it!