[Bug] Borderlands Enchanced. Fort Knoxx DLC not scaling

I am on playthrough 2.5 of Borderlands GOTY Enhanced.

I have beat The Destroyer on the main mission and leveled up to level 69 before finishing the ClapTrap DLC.

After I finished the DLC and got the extra skill point. I reset my game back to playthrough 1 to do it again and get that skill point real quick as well.

After that, I went back to playthrough 2 and went to do the Fort Knoxx DLC but the whole DLC is capped at level 55. I have tried restart the game and the whole PC.

I have went to Old Haven, they are all scaled to level 69.
I have went to the ClapTrap DLC, the enemies and gift shop, they are all scaled to level 69.
When I go to T-Bone Junction, the vending machines and enemies are all level 50-55 and any mission I do is marked as Trivial in difficulty.

The only thing I can think to do at this point is to clear out the sidequest long in my first playthrough and see if that effects anything but I honestly don’t know.

You need to beat Knoxx before the dlc will scale to max level, there’s several guides in the general discussion area that suggests the best order to play the DLC in to keep them roughly on-level.

Then why did the Claptrap DLC scale to 69 automatically then?

I thought the Knoxx DLC would scale same as the Claptrap one did after you beat the main mission.

I literally started the ClapTrap one, stopped half way through and power level to 69 using the Rakk hive trying to level weapon skills some and then continued on with the Claptrap one which leveled with me to 69 with the Rakk Hive too.

Nevermind, I understand, started looking into it.

Thank you.

Guess I take this whole thing out at level 69. Thought it would scale automatically like the ClapTrap one would.

Will make this easier to blow through, lol.