Bug borderlands vip

Hola, hace tiempo en la 1 temporada VIP me toco el pitchford y canjee codigos en la pagina de borderlands VIP y la semana pasada me toco la conference call y todavia no me a llegado nada a mi personaje, tengo todo vinculado en la cuenta de borderlands VIP y nada, alguien podria ayudarme. Por cierto soy jugador de PS4. (Speak in spanish)

Gracias a todos de antemano.

Google translate: “Hello, some time ago in the 1st season VIP I played the pitchford and redeemed codes in the borderlands VIP page and last week I played the conference call and still nothing came to my character, I have everything linked in the borderlands account VIP and nothing, someone could help me. By the way I’m a PS4 player.”

I assume that was meant to be ‘Pitchfork’ (as in the sniper rifle). Check the SHIFT rewards tab on the in-game menu. If they’re not showing there then you may need to wait a little longer - make sure you fully quit your game before starting a new session.

If they are showing as redeemed but still not in your game, you’ll need to file a support ticket for assistance.