[Bug] Cannot enter final loot room in DLC4 - Possible Spoilers

After defeating the final boss in DLC4, Psychoreaver, I am unable to enter the trophy room.
When I still had the main story quest, I could quit the game, reload and was able to enter because Sane Krieg was waiting for me to speak to him for the quest. However, now that I do not have the quest, I have killed the final boss again and there’s once again an invisible wall preventing me from making progress. If I quit now to reload, I will have to kill the boss once again. Because this has now happened after 3x killing the boss, I believe it may be something more more problematic.

It “feels” like the wall is in the shape of the boss which has collapsed on the boss room floor, and the corpse is what is blocking me from entering.


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same issue here

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Add me to the pile of “this doesnt work”

This happened to me also if the Kriegs end up standing next to the dead body of the boss they are inside the invisible wall which keeps you from jumping on the boss and I could not get close enough to talk to them to open the door. I had to quit and then I could go in only had time to grab one good item though.

Same here. I guess covid prevented product testing prior to release. Then again GB, like most of the others, only care about IRL Loot. They don’t care about delivering quality products to the customers.

EDIT - Seems the truth hurts.

Hi all. I didn’t know I could do this but I submitted a ticket to the 2K support platform for this issue. I will update this thread if I receive any type of solution.

I cannot get into the trophy room at all now. The portal spawns too close to the dead boss and there is an invisible wall every time so far. PS4

update bump the portal with the last boss dlc 4 still is spawning the treasure room portal to close the the body of the boss behind the invisible wall.

Is this with or without galaxy brain? If you FT to the start of the map and run back, has the boss despawned?

There is no galaxy brain and the boss does not de-spawn if you fast travel outside and come back in. It has to be a invisible wall glitch they made the boundary around frame of the boss too big.

Anyone have this fixed yet… 2k sent me an auto response to my ticket saying before they will look at it I have to reinstall the game and show that did not fix it… just when i was enjoying the game again… Really for a dlc glitch can anyone confirm this advice is correct.

Anyone know how to reinstall the game without losing all your stuff ! :acmhorror:

Back up your save files along with the profie.sav file from BL3 on to a USB stick.

Look up and follow the instructions for removing a game from your system without touching the save files on the Sony help pages.

Make sure you only delete the game data and not the save data.

Although I really don’t think that uninstalling and reinstalling the game will make any difference in this case. I suspect it all has to do with how the boss falls, which will depend on exactly what he was doing when he was killed. In my case, he didn’t fall so as to block the Kriegs or the portal, but as I was trying to check for loot around the edges it was obvious that there were invisible walls around the body.

BL2 had a very similar issue with the Warrior where loot would often end up underneath/inside the body and you couldn’t get to it. That’s why they eventually made it so the body slid off into the lava. Something similar to that would work for this boss too, and I honestly don’t know why they didn’t just do that as it’s almost exactly the same situation.

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Thanks for that. I think I am going to just not worry too much about the treasure room for now. I really just wanted to open the secret rooms. I think the developers have disappeared from this project… before this would have been fixed in a day or week by someone who actually constructed it.

I’m good… Slaughter Shaft is fun enough for now and the rest of the DLC is working so far… it dosen’t matter enough to reinstall a perfectly working game which has some bugs and glitches normally dealt with in hotfixes.

This new thing whatever it is going to be has sucked all the programmers up. my guess… Borderlands 3 in this release is winding down… again my guess… 2k is worthless for tech support no offense meant it just appears that way when they tell you to reinstall the game over a dlc glitch before they will look at it that is just a deterrent to keep from asking them.

Bug fix is a different team, so that wouldn’t affect things. What is more relevant is what the bug fix team is currently working on ahead of the next update. And no-one outside of GBX knows that, so we’re left kind of in the dark.

There is a bypass I just finished the dlc and ran into the same problem so I tried a few things as it doesn’t take long to kill the boss, if you work out what tile the portal is on and stand there as you kill the boss you get inside before he hits the ground blocking it.


Well it is fixed yes! The portal now spawns way out in front of the body… treasure room secrets are now mine… thanks bug fixer guy or person … where ever you are… :acmsmile: :v: :boom: