[BUG] Cannot finish a mission (Skag-Dog-Days)

In the quest Skag-Dog-Days I had to kill the guy and his dogs. While I was able to kill one of his dogs the game crashes. (Maybe because I clicked too fast on settings and menu)
Now I got the weapon and the quest seems to be done but it doesn’t finish. So I have a green weapon I’m not allowed to delete.

Is there a way to delete the quest? Or fix it somehow? I restarted game and xbox. Changed quests and so on but nothing helps.

Had the same issue not on the same mission but on Beneath the meridian, Couldn’t advance in the quest stucknon find the entrance to the tunnel, found it got it checked marked and all but couldn’t advance afterwards

That mission did the same for me, I just left did the main story made it to sanctuary and when I went back it was fixed.

Hey @MeatBicycle I changed the name of the thread so people know which mission is bugged while we collectively look for a fix.

Hope you don’t mind.