Bug? Cannot land to Pandora (Chapter 17)

My Character is lev 27, Chapter 17 Blood Drive mission needs to land on Pandora. But I cannot!
I have tried getting the Capsule to activate and it will not; Fast travel station show only Sanctuary. I have tried setting the destinations to different places and they work, but not work on Pandora.
System is Ps4 Pro. Trying reinstall game - nothing changed.

i’m having the same problem, but
no one seems to care. i wish you good luck.

take it easy and may god bless you always.

On your map screen lower right is a setting for orbit view, I believe it’s the triangle button on your controller. Using that should give you the list of planets, highlight and choose Pandora, then the area, push and hold the X button for fast travel. Hope this helps.

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Thanks! It works