[BUG] Challenge "Master of Reyna" not completing

As far as i can tell i Did everything right and i can’t get this thing to complete.

same here

i’m sorely dissappointed because I grinded so hard

i have the same problem but with Thorn

7 months later and still not fixed.

February 2017 and having this issue with Ambra.

I’ve opened a support ticket.

@Jythri is this issue on the radar?

Odd this is still happening. We believed it fixed. When we had some early trouble with this, we added multiple redundant systems that should (at worst case) re-fire challenge completion checks the next time you run a match with that character.

So, playing as the character once more after hitting 100% should have fixed this for you. The support ticket is the right way to go if you’re still having problems. Our customer service can sometimes do things with accounts.

Have you guys re-played any match with those characters to see if it re-triggers? Please confirm that.

Worth mentioning that I’ve had a couple characters go from 100% completion on the “Master of…” achievement to 50% completion since the update. Originally it was just Alani, but after a couple games on Ambra, her progress reverted too. Not sure what the trigger is, but something is actually causing progress towards this challenge to actively revert. It still shows both requirements checked off.

@Jythri, here’s Support’s Response -

Thank you for contacting the 2K Support center and for joining the fight for the sake of Solus!
I totally understand, how not being able to complete successfully the lore challenge for Ambra might be disturbing.
I understand perfectly how inconvenient that is, but please do not worry. The situation you described affected many members of the Battleborn badass community.
The Developers Team has been notified about this issue and we are awaiting a solution. Once resolved, all lore challenges should be adjusted accordingly and progress recorded on the customer’s accounts.
We apologize for the inconvenience and please rest assured that the developers are on top of that!

I’ve played this character in PvP, on Story Missions, and in Ops, Single and Multiplayer. Still in the same place.

Support seems to thinks the Developers will fix this one. So I think some department heads need to meet to get on the same page on this one.


This has now also happened with Pendles. I’m not sure what causes the reversion of the challenge completion, but I can tell you I’ve only run the Mike Ops with Pendles since it was last complete.

I updated my support ticket as well.

This bug slowly creeped up into nearly all of my Master of challenges. It took my character percentage from like 97% down to 86%. Very disheartening. I think maybe 25/30 of them are reduced down to Rank 1 now (for reference, I’ve mastered every Battleborn). Is this something you guys can fix in a patch? As a completionist who is going for 100% everything Battleborn, it really hurts to see my percentage drop so hard. :frowning:

It is active in our bug list right now. I don’t have an ETA on the solution, but we are still investigating this.

Our guess right now is that some of the percentage stat reporting (maybe even on specific characters) was hooked up to be “smart” enough to look at max character rank, rather than character rank 15. When we increased the rank cap to 20, it confused how that stat is reported.

As support is provided in a separate location, sometimes they don’t have perfect communication with the dev team. I do apologize for the run around, though. In some cases of completions and entitlement, support has been able to correct the issues using CS tools. In this case, it seems they don’t have the ability to troubleshoot.

We are still investigating, though.

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This is still a thing btw. I can’t get 100% on any characters

I’ve got the same problem, only with Montana instead of Reyna :sob:.

Similar problem here as well. Only with Alani.
This is on the ps4, but it seems that these lore update/completion issues are across all platforms

Please check the date on the last post before replying to a thread.

And yes, the “Master of…” challenges can be bugged for a number of characters on all platforms. I asked about this for myself and apparently there’s nothing that can be done about the challenge log but, if you are missing skins/taunts/titles as a result you can file a support ticket for those.