Bug? Cloaked ships hidden from teammates

I was playing a 2v2 match recently and my teammate cloaked his mothership. When his mothership was cloaked it was invisible to me as well as the enemy. Teammates should be able to see their allies’s ships when they are cloaked. Not sure if this is a bug or missing feature.

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Were you able to reproduce this?

Friendly ships when cloaked, as far as I can remember, are not visible to allies in Homeworld remastered. I don’t know if it is a bug or intentional, but it certainly harms team based executions if part of the fleet is cloaked, as the ally will not know when and where to move for support. I agree, teammates should be able to see cloaked ally ships.

This along with ships returning to cloak in between volleys of ship weapons as seen in Hw1 would be great. It is a bit bothersome to know that once your ship fires, it is a sitting duck for some time in the likes of ten seconds, so long as you cancel your attack and don’t engage in combat for that time period. Variety of strategy in the cloak mechanic is rather lacking currently.

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Since this seems to be a popular topic (theres a few threads and many posts on this), here’s a bug/issue list for my name :stuck_out_tongue:

MP Cloaking Issues

When your teamate cloaks, you can’t see them. Worse though, if your ships are inside his cloaking zone - they will glitch out and blink very quickly. This bug has been around since hw2c. Here’s a repro:

Edit: this glitchy blinking also makes it hard to select your units and issue orders.

hw1c Style Cloaking

hw1c: ships cloak when not attacking
hw2c/HWR: ships must be told to stop and wait 10 seconds before cloaking.

A possible middle ground is to reduce that 10 second wait to just 1 second:
tuning.lua “battleTimeOutTime = 10.0, – Don’t tweak this if you don’t know what you are doing. takes 10 seconds to say that you’re not in a battle anymore, while you are in battle you can’t be cloaked, you are also visible always to the player you are firing at”
@Bitvenom Not that I know what I’m doing here, but setting this to 1.0 with -overridebigfile does the trick. Dunno if that breaks something else though…

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As for hw1 style cloaking, its worth noting that cloaked fighters do not function as in the classic. Even with a 1 second timer, when attacking these ships remain visible, which kinda defeats the purpose of cloaked fighters to begin with, especially with that dang automatic re-target feature in fighter combat…

Ya your right, that wouldn’t change cloaked fighters. It would help everything else tho, and may be a super easy improvement.

I’d like to add that when trying to select and issue orders to ships cloaked by an ally it is really hard to select them and to issue orders if they are selected.

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I don’t think so. Cloaked fighters is a “bug” in HW1C. If u don’t have any anti-cloak probe(if u have, they can destroy it), they can take out all of your fighters and corvettes. Cloaked fighter in HWR should be use to sudden strike enemy’s RC.

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Some sort of asymmetrical balance could be achieved with vaygr lance fighters. Cloaked fighters, as heavy fighters, should do just slightly better than bombers at surviving incoming AAA fire (that is, lower than an agile lance fighter). If I recall correctly, in HW1C these fighters cloaked just after firing their last volley, but it could be added enough delay to make things balanced.

In summary, cloaking should be more useful then now version, but also can’t be so strong. Cloaking is interesting in HW1C indeed.

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Er… what? Cloaked fighters were no bug, they were implemented intentionally. A simple look into the cloaking behavior at large supports this, as every ship in the game will cloak when not firing.

The proximity probes are the means to distinguish and combat cloaked enemies, hence why cloaked fighters, let alone anything, are not an unbeatable strategy, or a ‘win button’. Fixing the cloaking mechanic would bring back proper use to these sensor ships, thus providing ample opportunity for strategy development with a counter.

Cloaked fighters have a time limit in cloak, and are limited in number. I just can’t see twenty of them wiping out all fighters and corvette. Right now there isn’t a way to test this, however, get a proximity sensor out and there you go. No sense disproving a feature if one isn’t willing to take necessary action to counter it.

Again, this is no bug.


In reality a scout with advance sensors is enough to see a cloaked ship, just not “uncloak” it. You can see the wire frame and attack it but until you have an actual proxy you can’t fully “see” it. At least this has been my experience since HW:RM’s release.

You say setting it to 1.0 makes things work as hw1 does, but in my testing so long as a ship is involved in combat maneuvers it stays uncloaked even between firing runs. Am I missing something?

You misunderstood, here’s a simple explanation:

hw1c: ships cloak when not attacking
hw2c/HWR: ships must be told to stop and wait 10 seconds before cloaking.
“Middle ground” change: ships must be told to stop and wait 1 seconds before cloaking.

Guess I just read what I wanted to see :weary: that middle ground doesn’t really do much for the utlity of cloaking to my mind. Very disappointing.

Ya its not hw1c where cloaking could be used in a straight up fight.

hw2c/HWR cloaking still has a ton of utility though:
Moving around on the map for surprise attacks
Cloaking marine/infiltrator/salvage corvettes for surprise captures
Cloaking fighters/corvettes so they can safely dock for repairs
Defensive cloaking, to avoid losing capital ships, modules, collectors, etc.

I love cloaking. I’ve been annoyed by the super long cloaking delay after full stop. This may work.

I forget thought, but it wasn’t always like this?

Its always been 10seconds in hw2c/HWR.

That’s a long time. So it’s supposed to be like that?

Then perhaps we should just leave it the way it is?

Could it be adjustable on a per ship basis? Cloaked fighters should be able to cloak more quickly, but capital ships don’t need to cloak faster. Or could it be adjusted by cloak gen type? Or is it just one overall time for all cloaking?