[BUG] complaint about barrier

so the graveward is actually able to make your barrier detach from the surface of the arena and send it flying, which tanks your dps quite a bit. this happens when he slams the arena or moves it.

what appears to be the problem: as we can see barrier is not a sticky entity so a simple fix would be to make it sticky.

rant about barrier. deploy time is needlessly long it has a terrible lob delivery system.
easy solution: make it longbow deployable system (like axton’s longbow turret) making it longbow and sticky will not break anything about the game, since there is no advantage to attaching barrier to walls and ceilings.

pretty sure this is a feature and a twist to a fight but barrier is not deployable in killavolt arena. if there is a chance this is not intended, fix it as well.

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Having a longbow shield would be awesome, though I think that would make its animation even longer.
Btw, I just remembered that you could skip Zer0s Deception animation by ads before you trigger it. Maybe that works here as well

mate you can not even deploy damn As without stoping. sliding? no barrier for you no clone for you. stand still and get hit to have them deployed :smiley: i think however sentinel does launch during slide. also you can not even spam drop both of your abbilities. overal AC deployment is very clunky for zane.


Fully agree, swapping with clone should be near instant, the cooldown between switching is also an absolutely unnecessary nerf. It would spam the weak cryo nova at worst and abuse shield regen at best. “Looks at invincible violent tapestry Amara”.

Ads means aim down sights, sorry for using a shortcut

lmao i know what it is and i played a lot of zer0, i caught your drift dog anyway ads is so slow in this game that it will probably take even more time. it takes literal 2 seconds to scope into sniper or any deep optics in fact.

At some locations you can pick up your barrier but cant drop it back to normal size which is really annoying, also sometimes your barier will sink into the ground and vanish for nor reason.(happened to me on carnivora a few times). Also the Clone is bugged as well sometimes he will sink just into the ground and you cant switch positions anymore. Hope these bugs get fixed ASAP.

So is this still a bug or “working as intended”, not being able to deploy the barrier in KIllavolt’s arena? It ended up being a much harder fight than I had expected because of that. It seems odd that a specific class would lose half of their abilities against that boss.

Maybe there’s some undiscovered history between the two involving Moxxie?