Bug? Completely incapacitated

I’ve encountered a bug a couple of times recently while playing Ernest which renders my toon completely useless.

When I open the helix menu the options and text fields are all blank and I am unable to select an augment.

I am also unable to use skills and once I’ve emptied my first clip I cannot reload.

The only fix is leaving the match and rejoining.

@Jythri FYI

Hey, a buddy of mine made a clip of that happening to him too! I asked him about it, and he had no idea what was going on. It’s on Xbox One, so you’re not the only one that have that issue.
I’ve never ran into this issue myself though.

A friend of mine had the same bug. Took a screen shot of it on ps4

encountered it yesterday too on ps4

It happened to me as well, all his skills won’t work, and in the helix menu all skills says “coming soon…”.

…AND on top of that, if you take damage the game crashes.

Around 30% of my matches with Ernest, this has happened.

EDIT: Spelling

So what happens if ya teleport back to base? Is it possible?

I’ve had the same issue with Ernest a few days ago on the PS4. I had to leave the game and rejoin to fix it.

Nope, I couldn’t teleport back.

Wow this is pretty bad

I jumped off a cliff to see if it would reset but it didn’t (and hurt my precious Ernest K/D).

Leaving and rejoining was the only fix, which was a bit rough since I was splitscreen so we both had to drop and leave our squad in the lurch for a few minutes.

Fortunately we were partied up so they knew we were coming back, but still.