Bug: Crimson Radio Floodmoor Basin Broadcast Tower challenge listed twice [Not a bug - two towers are on map]

I have 8/9 completed due to this bug. One radio challenge complete, the duplicate (obviously) not.

I’m having the same bug. Do we know of a fix for it yet?

I think it might not be a bug, actually. Just really, really bad labeling. Because on another map, the same thing occurred but I found a second radio in an off-shoot area that counted toward the main area’s challenges. So basically, make sure you uncovered all map areas, not just in the main part of the map, but in off-shoots that don’t have their own challenges.

I had the same bug and just rescanned the tower again. Then my counter in game for tracking went up.

I’ll try that as I’ve yet to find anything else (though some maps do have two radio towers).

Other tower is just up high, so best bet is to google location.

I found it, i’ll post here in case anyone else can’t find it.



Best way is to fast travel to the Reliance spawn point and get a vehicle, head out and to the right. You can see in the shots where you need to drive to (my vehicle is left there)