[BUG] - Deande Lore Challenge

War is Hardly Civil is completed in the lore menu, just the challenge isn’t being completed. It’s bugging me as I really want to master her and I don’t find it fair for a stupid glitch to get in the way. I was playing with a Caldarius and I left the game in the Rendain battle, got about 3000 rendain damage before leaving. I went into a new one and it reset because I left. Fair enough. I then got 9000 damage on Rendain and the match completed. I didn’t get the the challenge but it gave me the lore. Please help/fix.

I have the same Problem with Ghalt. Grap 25 Players with his Hook. Done in the Lore Menu, but it is not accepted as a Challenge. It shows me just 4 out of 5, even if I did complete all 5 Lore Challenges … :frowning: