[Bug] Deliverance not releasing projectiles

I dont know if its a bug on my side or for everyone but, the deliverance skill is not releasing the homing projectiles when it hits enemies and when it rarely does release them they never home in on anything and just float away.


I’m getting this, as well, so it’s not an isolated person having the bug. I use PhaseCast, and I’m on Xbox One X, if it makes a difference.

Deliverance doesn’t self propagate. Gun kill or AS kill only spawns the projectiles. ttbomk

You seem to be talking about Remnant. This topic is about Deliverance.

Yes does the same for me. Half of Amaras skills are bugged and don’t work it’s pathetic honestly.

This, remnant, alacrity(apparently does absolutely nothing) find your center in coop, infusion, samsara(healing no where what’s listed) what else?

You can add Awakening, Laid Bare, Sustainment and Fist Over Matter to that list as well.

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Ahhhhj. You’re correct. My bad. Replied to that post as I was going to sleep.

Off topic: what’s wrong with Sustainment? I heal off it just fine with a +2 mod.

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It only works with the element directly attached to your gun. If you convert an element with Infusion you lower the healing and if you use a non-elemental weapon and convert a part of it with Infusion you won’t get any healing at all.

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That is a disappointment. You would think that there would be synergy there.