Bug en Filo demoniaco

Tengo un bug en Filo demoniaco
Me marca 9 misiones y solo tengo 8 por hacer la única que me marca es la de Dynasty a domicilio : Filo demoniaco
Ya la repetí varias veces y no se acompleta

I believe that’s Devil’s Razor? The 9th mission on that map is one you get from Claptrap on Sanctuary. It’s part of the series of side quests he gives you that reference the tasks he wants you to do in BL2 to access the secret stash.

I’m not sure what the exact conditions are to make this particular mission available, but I believe you have to have done all the others (help the doctor in meridian outskirts, collect brown rocks on Eden-6, defeat Ug-thak aka ECHONet neutrality…)

Let’s see what sort of mess Google Translate makes of that…