[BUG/EXPLOIT] Multiple map votes per person

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but this was a bug my friend found just today and it’s probably best to fix it.

During the map voting phase, if you vote on a map and then change your Steam name it’ll automatically place another vote on the map you picked, basically being two votes’ worth. By continually switching your name between two different names (so “name” and “name1” for easy change spam) you can effectively stack up several votes on the same map, autowinning any map vote (Steam stops you from name-changing again at, like, 5 votes for a few minutes but that’s basically a won vote at that point with 5x the vote power, especially if other party members exploit this bug with you). While it’s incredibly funny to see the profile pictures shrink down into nonexistence as way more than 10 votes get stacked on one map it basically destroys the basic democracy the system tries to create.

If you need more details let me know.